She’s lost her memory. Why does she trust the handsome man who calls her his?

Susannah has recently lost her mother and is left in the care of her cruel stepfather. To avoid marriage to her mean and manipulative stepbrother, Susannah flees to her cousin’s ranch, Journey’s End. It’s a dangerous journey for a young woman alone, but she has no choice.

She sustains head injuries during a stagecoach accident and is robbed of her memory. She doesn’t remember much of her life, but thankfully when she meets her cousins Melody and Harmony, she feels safe. When Rowdy Henderson arrives at Journey’s End, she knows he’s important in her life and she can trust him, but doesn’t remember they were to be married.

She is a stranger in her own life, and now that they’ve received word that her stepfather and stepbrother are actively searching for her, Rowdy is determined to keep her safe, whether she likes it or not.

This is book four in the Journey’s End series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This historical western romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of action, adventure, danger, mystery, suspense, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Susannah tried, tried with all her strength, to lay quiet, but Rowdy was messing with her skirt, moving it up, folding it back, framing her naked bottom with fabric. His eyes scorched her naked flesh, and her stomach fluttered and swooped with embarrassment, trepidation, and a little fear. A spanking would hurt. Even if she couldn’t retrieve the memory from the jumble of her brain, she knew it to be true.

Rudy tapped her side. “Settle.” His voice was a stern command.

Why didn’t he begin? The waiting was a trial of its own. How long would he stare at her nakedness? But then his hand rose and returned with a stinging swat, followed by more as he circled her bottom and moved to her upper thighs with his punishing hand. Now she wished he’d continued to stare at her bare bottom for an hour, two, or all day.

He stopped. She lay perfectly quiet. Was it over? She sighed. Well, that hadn’t been so bad. His hand rubbed over her skin, and he squeezed the flesh of her buttocks.

“There,” he stated. The word carried satisfaction, a job well done. “You’re nice and pink, Susannah, and that should prevent any bruising. Now, we’ll get to that spanking.”

“What?” she screeched and attempted to scramble from his lap.

“You didn’t think those little swats were your spanking, did you? Why, no one would learn a lesson from that,” he scoffed.

“I will. I’ll learn from it.” Her voice rose to new heights.

“When we’re finished, you will know to mind me, Susannah. Where your health and safety are concerned, I won’t take half measures.”

The spanking resumed in what she guessed was full measure. The pace was quick and relentless. The impact of each spank hard and deliberate. The sound echoed through the room and was joined by her cries.

“Stop, Rowdy, it hurts,” she screamed.

“Of course it does. You’re being punished,” he reminded her.

He changed tactics. He had been moving his hand from spot to spot. Now he chose a spot, one particular spot, and spanked there three, four, five times before moving on.

Her bottom must be as hot as the hell fire the preacher talked on. Fire and brimstone, had nothing on her backside. She twisted and tried to roll her bottom away from his relentless hand, but he simply pulled her tighter to his body and continued. Susannah was exhausted, played out, drained. She slumped to the mattress and surrendered.

“I’m sorry, Rowdy,” she wailed.

“I know you are, and the price has been paid.” Rowdy pulled a large handkerchief from his pocket and mopped her face before lifting her to his lap.

She snuggled into the comfort of his body and cried. Cried because her bottom burned. Cried her frustration and fear. Cried and cried.

At last she lay quiet and calm with her ear pressed against the steady rhythm of Rowdy’s heart.