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Sweet Sarah by Mariella Starr

Sarah has worked hard to rise above what’s happened to her, but when a horrible apparition from her past returns, she can’t face it. She can’t and won’t allow her fiance to suffer because of her history.
Doctor Ben Sawyer has been courting Sarah for thirteen long months, but when she suddenly bolts and runs away, he follows her, determined to make her see reason. One way or another Sarah is going to be his bride, even if she can’t sit down after the ceremony.
Reuben Piper moved to Overton thinking he was destined to remain a bachelor. When he finds himself head over heels in lust and love with the most unlikely woman, he decides she is perfect for him.
Couples-to-be are having a real hard time adhering to the old rules of the West, especially the one of no sex before marriage. In fact, they are failing miserably. The women of Overton are taming and settling their stubborn, single-minded men, although to hear them tell it, the men are still in control. At least, they are in control when their women go too far and wind up over their men’s knees in the time-honored method of making a woman behave.
Come back to Overton, and visit the resilient women and masterful men of this unique Colorado town. The Hutchisons will greet you as old friends, as will the Hawkins, and a bunch of other characters. Sweet Sarah is the third book in the Overton Saga, with Isabel’s Independence and Britannia’s Blaggard being the first two. Each book can be read as a standalone, although they are probably best enjoyed as a series.

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