If you like Old West stories, where no-nonsense lawmen know how to stand up to their sassy ladies, then the “tails” in this book are for you!

In “The Sheriff and the Hellcat,” Katie’s father, an accused bank robber, goes on the run. Katie must find him before Sheriff Tristan James does – or her Pa could hang! But when Tristan discovers her following him, he’s not pleased… and when she pushes his buttons in her attempts to save her father, he’s not afraid to show his displeasure.

In “Courting Maggie,” Maggie loves being romanced by the good, patient and handsome Sheriff Daniel Adams. He even tries to be understanding of her protesting against the town saloon where her brother died in a knife fight. But as Maggie tests her boundaries in her attempts to shut the place down, she begins to realize that the Sheriff has a hard side as well – and her bottom pays the price for her actions.

Publisher’s Note: This two book set contains elements of domestic discipline.

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Author Interview with Jodi Bella


What do you love most about books?

There’s so much to love… I guess what I love the most is the escape from the world that a good book brings. I love the smell of the pages, and the beauty of some books. I’m just a sucker for story in all forms, so that’s what I look for. Tell me a story, let me get lost in it, make me forget the rest of the world, and I will treasure every word.

What is your favorite novel? Who are some of your favorite authors?

I don’t have a single favorite novel. But from the last few years, there are two that I always suggest when someone asks me for book recommendations. The first is Lexicon by Max Barry. The second is Night Film by Marisha Pessl. I’m also a huge fan of Stephen King (Dark Tower series, and Lisey’s Story are my favs of his), Joe Hill, Gillian Flynn (when I read all three of her books I was thinking about them when I couldn’t be reading, she is that good) and Tana French (talk about getting lost in a book — her novels are rich with atmosphere and really pull you in.) Once upon a time, I was a lit major in college, so there is also always a special place in my heart for books like The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Wuthering Heights, The Outsiders, The Awakening, T.S. Eliot’s poetry, and others.

Libraries or bookstores?

I believe strongly in supporting our libraries. And, although I am a rabid reader, I don’t trudge through books that are too slow or hard to hold my interest, and for that reason when trying out a new author I usually try to borrow something from the library first, to test the waters so to speak, before investing my cash. If I enjoy the writing, or if I read a book from the library that I love, I then purchase it to keep, share and reread.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

I love Ogunquit Beach in Maine. It’s such a beautiful beach; I love the way you can get there in the early am, when the tide is in and there’s hardly room to set up a beach chair. But wait a few hours and watch the tide go out, and as the beach expands and becomes huge, there are all of these little tidal pools of warm water. Ogunquit town is a great charming, walkable town with wonderful shops, art, restaurants. At one end of town is a little boating area, called Perkin’s Cove, again filled with charming shops but here you can watch the boats going out for lobster. It’s my favorite vacation spot… so far, at least.

Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?

I’m always and forever a submissive by nature and in my heart. So I always prefer being spanked.

Tell us about your most adventurous experience.

I like to think that the hunt I’m on now, to find my longterm (do I dare hope for lifetime?) Dom is my most adventurous experience to date. It has certainly been filled so far with great moments of soaring joy, but also dark times of shattered hope and fractured dreams. Every new person I meet in my journey is an adventure, and there is always a certain level of risk involved, no matter how careful you are or how many safety measures you take. It’s your heart on the line, after all. When I find him, I would love to write about my experience, maybe along the lines of a ‘Year in the Life of a Learning Submissive.” It would be real, honest, and revealing of what it can really be like between two real people who come into the relationship with faults and history and scars, unlike the fairy tale of 50 Shades. When (not if, but when) I find my Dom, and after I write it, I hope you will all enjoy reading it.