Wild Turkey by Beth Bennett

Can the firm hand of a Yankee railway man claim the heart of an untamed mountain girl?
This sweet, spanking, historical romance takes place in the years just after the civil war. The Baltimore and Ohio railway is hungry for land and Olivia Overton’s farm stands directly in its path. Jackson Daniels, handsome and accomplished, is used to being obeyed. Olivia, in charge of the family farm, is used to having her way. Jackson lays down the law as his company swallows up Olivia’s homestead.
After finding out the details of the lovely young woman’s circumstances, honor compels Jackson to come to her rescue. She becomes his ward and the adventure moves from the mountains of Virginia to the center of New York high society. Olivia must navigate big city aristocrats and Jackson Daniels all at the same time.
Will love finally bring the heart of a big city Yankee and the spirit of a wild turkey from Virginia together at last?
The Royal Psychic by Ruby Caine

Lenore Royal, the River Parishes’ psychic, used to lead a quiet, solitary life. Until now. She finds herself trying to help the police bring a serial killer to justice while starting to date a sexy, dominant man who has his own ideas about her safety and her assistance with the investigation. Add to that, the increasing number of spirits haunting her new home at River Oaks and her life is no longer quiet or solitary. Now that she has finally found a man, will she lose him to her tendency to talk to the dead?  What measures will he take to keep her safe and can she agree to his terms?
Gene Zeringue, local newspaper editor, deals with logic and facts. When his lady gets pulled into a dangerous police investigation, he struggles to come to terms with her paranormal talents. He is also determined to step up and do whatever is necessary to keep Lenore safe. Can he protect her from spirits only she has the talent to see? What if her involvement brings a serial killer her way?
Publishers note: This book contains elements of spanking of adult women and sexual scenes.  If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.