Samantha is a masochist with no interest in the trappings of romance or submission, until she meets the sexy new Dominant in town and falls for him hard. But he’s not who she thought he was. He’s not even human.

Trev is a renegade member of the sadistic Sadec race and by the time she learns it, she’s on his spaceship far from home. When she’s confiscated by his people as forbidden contraband, Sam finds herself reborn into her new life as Silla. She consents to fill her role as Pain Receiver and reluctantly learns to submit to their whims.

But Trev is never far from her mind, and when she’s given the chance to get back to her renegade Sadec Dom, she realizes it’s worth risking everything to be with him.

Taken by a Renegade is a stand-alone sequel to Surrendering to Her General where Silla first appeared as a minor character. Now we’ll see her backstory and learn how she ended up at the mercy of the Sadecs as she struggles to get back to the man she loves.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains lots of steamy scenes and power exchange, so please avoid it if you find those things upsetting.


She laughed, a low, throaty chuckle that men seemed to love. “Everything. I love it all. Everything from over the knee spanking to bullwhips—though you have to get checked out by dungeon spotters before you can use anything heavier than a single-tail in here. Why, what else did you bring with you?” she asked curiously. She wished now that she’d taken a couple minutes to investigate his bag more thoroughly instead of running off with the first implement she’d seen.

But oh, it had been worth it. She hadn’t been so thoroughly whipped in a long time. Each welt seemed to throb with its own pulse, and it felt euphoric—but at the same time, she knew she wasn’t even close to her limit for the night, especially since most of the heavier marks were concentrated on her shoulders.

“Oh, I have a whole bag of tricks. You look like you’ve had enough of the whip for now so, I—” He paused and looked around at the crowded room to see what else was available. “I think there’s a spanking bench opening up.”

She followed his glance to see a shirtless Dom, dressed in tight leather pants, helping his subby boy up. The sub looked woozy, but he had a goofy grin splashed across his face as the Dom cuddled him protectively. She struggled not to roll her eyes. It was cute, in a way, but it always drove her crazy when a Dom hovered over her like that after a scene.

She thought about it and realized her hands were getting cold from being cuffed over her head. That was always a problem with being restrained while standing up. She had no idea how long the whipping had gone on, but now that she was pulling out of the haze, she could feel the ache in her arms too, so it had probably been a while. “Yes, let’s do that,” she said, opening and closing her hands to bring back the circulation as he released her.

So far, there were no red flags, no warning signs with him—and she had a good nose for that sort of thing. He watched to make sure she was steady, keeping a hand there ready to catch her if she wobbled while she slipped her thigh-length shirt back on. Her jeans, she just slung over her arm and carried since she wouldn’t be needing them.

As they approached, the club cleaning bots skittered into sight. They vaguely resembled metallic spiders as they clambered all over the furniture cleaning it quickly. They vanished as quickly as they’d appeared, leaving only a faint scent of rapidly dissipating disinfectant. She wrinkled her nose at the astringent smell as she paused to give the fake leather a second to dry fully.

He obviously had plenty of experience both with implements and with kinky furniture and it showed as he expertly settled her face-down on the spanking bench, shifting the braces on either side to the right height for her knees. He moved around to the front and looked at her questioningly as he tugged at the attached cuffs, but she shook her head. She wouldn’t need to be cuffed for this.

He made some minute adjustments so that she was positioned the way he wanted her, and then he ran a hand up her back, sliding the shirt along with it to expose her ass. With nothing in his way, he went right to work bringing up a nice deep shade of rose on her skin. He proved to be an excellent spanker along with his other skills, and his broad palm bounced from cheek to cheek with precision.

It was actually kind of refreshing to be bent over and spanked for a change. It had been so long since she’d had a regular spanking. Once people knew you had a reputation for a high pain tolerance, they tended to jump right to other things. Everyone enjoyed putting on a show with a submissive who could take a whip and writhe with the mix of pleasure and pain, so casual low-key kinds of play tended to be left by the wayside. She settled down, ready to enjoy the change of pace—literally.

His hand slapped down across her bare ass at a nice steady pace that made her cheeks jiggle as they quickly heated. She appreciated him starting with his hand because that meant it would last longer, but it felt—different. His palm felt like it was prickling slightly when it moved across her skin. Rough from working with his hands, she thought, but decided she liked the sensation. It added something special, especially when it stroked across the welts the whip had left—and she had a fair number of those across her ass.