What does he have to do to convince her?

Alicia loves working with gems but she’s not so great with people. When Maximilian requests her help to search for the Tears of the Queen she wants to say no. Those precious stones are nothing more than a legend and she doesn’t want to go on a wild goose chase.

Max needs Alicia’s help and time is of the essence. He isn’t the only one looking for the Tears and if they fall into the wrong hands, humanity could be enslaved.

Their first meeting is like mixing oil with water. They are strong, opinionated, driven and they both think they are right. The chemistry is instantaneous, a surprise to them both, and they discover that work might not be the only thing they have in common. The only problem is Max has a very big secret that he doesn’t want to share…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy shifter romance contains elements of fantasy, action and adventure and power exchange.

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He opened the small drawer in the nightstand and pulled out several silk handkerchiefs.

“What are you doing?” Strain laced her voice.

“Trust me?”

She blinked at him, but didn’t answer.

“I want to do this for you, but I can’t have you trying to take control all the time.”

“I don’t do that.” She sounded indignant.

“Oh?” He clasped one of her hands in his and tied one end of the scarf to her wrist. “I remember a wrestling match during one of our evenings together.”

She blushed and didn’t fight when he tied the other end to the headboard.

He tied the ends of two scarves to each ankle and then tied the last scarf to her other wrist. After tying it to the headboard, he motioned to the other two scarves and gave her a smile.

“Guess you want me to scoot down so you can tie them to the footboard?” She tried to show strength, but he knew she was frightened.

“There is no footboard, didn’t you notice?” Max peeled off his jacket and draped it across a nearby chair.

“Well, yeah, but I’m not thinking very clearly now.”

“Don’t be nervous. I’m not tying all the scarves to the headboard, although that does have some merit.” He gave her a wicked smile. “I’m actually going to tie these to the legs of the bed. I promise you’ll have plenty of movement.”

Alicia bit her lip. He didn’t see her do it very often. Twice in one evening made him wonder what was going through her head.

He knelt down beside the right side and tied the scarf. Once he was sure she could handle it he went to the other side and tied it down as well.

“Whenever this gets too much I’ll let you free. All you have to do is say baaa.”

“Like a sheep?”

He sat on the edge of the bed. “I thought it would be odd enough to break the mood.”


“Ha, ha. Very funny.” Max stood up and went to the foot of the bed.

“What? No blindfold?”

“Thought it would get in the way for what I have planned next.” He walked to the wall and dimmed the lights just a bit. “Would you’d like a little music?”

Soft strains of jazz poured through speakers in the wall.

“You gonna dance for me, big boy?” Alicia pushed and pulled herself up into a somewhat sitting position.

“Is that what you want?” He swayed his hips as he undid one of his shirt buttons. He winked at her before undoing a second one.

“I am a captured audience.” She smiled and settled back. The spark of passion flashed in her eyes.

Max closed his. The music filled his pores, flowing around him and through him. He used it to leave everything behind but the two of them. His mate, even if she didn’t quite know that little detail.

His body moved purposely, slowly. Just for her. His hands worked on the buttons of his shirt. With the last button undone he eased the soft material off his shoulders, letting it slide down his skin.

In his mind he felt her hands sliding in place of the shirt. He opened his eyes and locked gazes with her. She aroused him and he wanted her to know it.

He slid his hand over his chest, swirling a few hairs in the descent to his pants. Alicia licked her lips as she watched in rapt attention. How he wished her tongue was on his body.

Sweat broke out on his brow. He fought to keep himself in check. All he wanted to do was pounce on her. The wolf in him wanted to take control, mark its territory. Take his mate.

The man knew better. He had to handle Alicia delicately. She wouldn’t understand his need to dominate.

He grasped the tip of his belt and pulled so he could release the clasp. It slid out of the belt loops with a little snapping noise. Next he unhooked his pants and eased the zipper down.

A gasp escaped her parted lips.