A collection of three of Allison West’s favorite books.

Do as I command… That’s what he tells me.

I’m terrible at listening and even worse at obeying.

There is a price to pay for breaking the rules. Do all girls struggle with their alpha, or is it just me?

This collection contains three full-length spicy alpha romances, including Guarded Discipline, Decoy Bride, and Lords of Discipline.

Publisher’s Note: These stories contain a theme of power exchange.


He’d been made a fool, and though he understood her reasons, he did not agree with them. His options were either to dismiss her as a guard or teach her that if she was going to remain and risk both of their lives, then she was to be disciplined.

With her bent over his knee, Henry’s cock hardened and pulsed, wanting to be released from his pants. His hand came down hard, smacking her bottom before swiftly moving her trousers down to the floor to reveal her porcelain bum.

“Henry!” she shrieked, clearly bothered by having her bottom exposed to him. It was a good thing that Clara and Jessie were the same person. He did not need permission from Jessie to spank Clara. Though it may not have been exactly proper, she was under his care as a guard. She had signed her rights away to him, whether she realized it or not. Henry had not argued over semantics, whether she was even capable of signing herself into his care, but it had been done.

His hand walloped her bottom, the sting emanating through his hand, but he did not so much as grimace as she groaned.

“It would be wise to keep your voice down. Would you like another guard to check in on what the commotion is all about?” Henry asked. Certainly, if another guard or staff member entered the room, they would see her slick cunny and discover that Jessie was in fact a woman. Oh, the scandal that it would create! Henry knew how to keep a secret, but could she continue to do so without anyone else discovering the truth?

Henry knew he should have fired her at once, but she lived alone and surely had no other job that could support her with the house she’d bought. Letting her go, it was too hard to do. He felt for her, emotions that he should not have felt. It was easier to allow her to remain as a guard, keep her by his side, and watch over her. Had his sister, Mary, caused such havoc, he would wish the same for her, to be protected and loved.

“Please, no more, Henry.”

His hand came down, firmly smacking her backside as he attempted to keep her in line. “Quiet,” he whispered, warning her to be silent. Did she want to explain her position to another guard, or worse, to Queen Victoria?

Whimpering, she sniffled and shifted against his lap as he painted her bottom red. Each smack was followed with a soft cry before she quickly shut her mouth. Henry knew he shouldn’t allow her to continue as a guard, but the thought of letting her go, never seeing her again, struck his heart in a way he worried would not allow him to survive. “I cannot in good conscience allow you to be without protection, Jessie. Do not lie to me,” he said, helping her stand as he watched her pull her pants back up to her waist. “Are you to be wed to another?”

Jessie shook her head no. “I have not lied to you, Henry. I may have misled you—”

“Were they not lies last night and the day before? Telling me of Clara?”

“I am sorry,” she said, quick to apologize. “I will never betray you again. I need this job, Henry. I will be put out on the street as a beggar if I cannot pay my bills.”

Henry knew as much; it was why he had already decided that she would continue as a guard, so long as the disguise was not compromised. “I will only allow your work to continue if you agree to be my wife.”