Being a woman has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Being the daughter of a Texas Kingpin is no different. You’re feared by many and respected by all but overlooked when it comes to the family business. Tayana “Whisper” Bradley decides to build her own.

Fifteen years later, Tayana and her crew have built their own empire and run their businesses in Houston with precision and class. Nothing comes in or goes out without her knowing who, what, why, when, and where. Tayana is used to being in control and getting her way until she crosses paths with sexy Jazz Jones of Houston.

A chance encounter and a common enemy puts Tayana on Jazz’s radar and he makes it very clear he’s claiming her and her heart as his own. Knowing it could mean the end of her and her ladies if his intentions are less than honorable, Tayana fights his advances and her attraction to him with her entire being. But Jazz didn’t become the success he is by not going after what he wants. He wants Tayana and he’s determined to make her his.

This is book one in the Dangerous Love series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of danger, suspense, action, adventure, sensual scenes and power exchange and is intended for adults only. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Tayana turned so her whole body was facing him, but before she could utter a word, Jazz backed her up against the wall and forced his tongue in her mouth. His hands held her in place by her hips while he was grinding his erection against her.

Tayana’s hands found their way into the opening of his shirt and began moving all over his muscular chest. When her thumb skated across his nipple, he hissed and lightly captured her bottom lip between his teeth.

His hands moved from her hips and under her blouse, lightly dragging across her stomach causing more chill bumps to appear.

“Tayana,” he whispered in her ear as his hands moved higher and hers moved lower.

Hearing him use her actual name added fuel to the flames rolling through her body. Her small hand cupped and rubbed his erection through his jeans.

He was kissing her softly on her neck, his hands made quick work of unsnapping her bra and were now holding her breasts, thumbs teasing her nipples.

Tayana leaned forward and began placing soft kisses on his bare chest, she allowed her tongue to drag across one nipple then the other. Her hand was still caressing his erection through his jeans.

Jazz pulled her shirt over her head, draped it over his high back desk chair and picked her up off her feet kissing her again. She wrapped her legs around his waist kissing him back with enthusiasm. She grabbed both sides of his head and pushed her tongue deeper into his mouth.

He moaned, his tongue moving deeper inside of Tayana’s welcoming mouth as he turned and carried her out of the office, through the great room before climbing up his dark mahogany staircase.

When they reached his room, he slid her down his body and back on her feet. Dropping to his knees, he reached under her pant leg and touched her ankle holster looking up at her.

“I’m going to ask you one last time, do you trust me, Tayana? If you don’t know what I’m about by now then there is no hope for us and this thing between us is over, right here, right now,” he told her, his eyes flashed in the darkened room as he continued to look up at her.

Tayana’s heart was already beating fast, it picked up even faster as she looked down at him. This was it, she needed to make a choice about Jazz and about their relationship once and for all, if she wanted this thing between them to continue, she needed to let go of control and let her heart lead her. She fought the urge to move her ankle out of his grasp which seemed natural to her and closed her eyes, lifting up a silent prayer and hoping she wouldn’t live to regret her next move.

“Yes, Jazz, I trust you,” she answered softly, opening her eyes. He stared up at her as he took off her holster and gun, aiming it towards the wall and placed it on the bedside table closest to where they were standing. The reassuring look he gave her told her, Mary Jane was just a reach away.

Jazz stayed on his knees and removed her stilettos. When he reached up to unfasten her slacks, he looked up at her again. “Still good?”

He didn’t wait for her to answer this time before unfastening and helping her out of her slacks and draping them on the chair behind him. He hooked his fingers in the elastic resting on her waist and slowly dragged the silk and lace material down her legs, dropping her thong on the floor behind him.