Teasel Van Duran is the daughter of the largest cattle baron in the county, and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Especially those who come to pay her court. Why should she care if people call her a spinster? She’s happy to live free to do as she likes.

Horse trainer and rancher Brun Kadesh has traveled upriver to make a deal with the local cattle baron in order to save his land. A chance encounter with the arrogant Teasel leads to him taking her in hand, roughly, with her own riding crop. He only learns later this is the daughter of the man he needs to win a favor from.

As for Teasel, the most humiliating experience of her life also has an unforeseen consequence. She wants nothing more than to see this stranger again. Has to. But who is he, and how can she reconcile her desire for him with her pride? When her father sees this all as a way to get his daughter married off, it leaves Brun to try to win over the reluctant lady and save his land. But is she really so reluctant after all? And what happens when she learns she’s been used like a chip on a poker table, and this man may or may not even return her feelings? Either way, he seems dead set on dominating her.