After the death of her family and the loss of her home, Beth finds herself in London, in a desperate situation which leads to a reckless act. Tom Reed, who is a master blacksmith, feels bound to teach her a memorable lesson about recklessness, even if this means taking her over his knee in a crowded square.

Both the lesson and the man who delivered it are hard to forget, and Beth comes to see that the stern master blacksmith may be the one who can aid her in her hour of need. The only choice she has left is to become his woman, although he vows he will not be lenient with her if she behaves badly.

Tom Reed’s ways are not only harsh, but gentle at times, and soon Beth begins to yearn not only to be touched by his strong hands, but also to find out the secrets mirrored in his dark eyes.

This is book two in Her Stern Husband series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher Notes: This historical romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of danger, suspense, sensual scenes and power exchange.

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She was now speaking in a high voice, and Tom opened one of the eyes he’d closed.

“Desist! I wish to sleep in peace.”

Beth didn’t pay him in any mind.

“Just because I will no longer stand for them making a pigsty of this place? Oh, the unfairness of it!”

Tom sat up.

“Right,” he said tersely.

Beth was uncertain how a man as large as he was could move so fast at times. Yet she had to own up he was uncommonly fast whenever he took it into his head to put her over his knee, Beth mused, as she found herself lying face-down over his lap.

“Will you desist now?” he inquired, giving her bottom a light, yet nevertheless stinging slap.

“No. I am sharp-tongued! Remember?” Beth countered venomously, although she belatedly recalled her bare bottom was at this very moment at his mercy.

Another slap landed on her bottom, slightly harder than the first.

“Never fear. I’ve found a good cure for your sharp tongue,” she heard Tom say smugly, and she huffed, trying to wriggle out of his grip.

The movement didn’t help, because he was holding her fast. So all she did was manage to rub her body against Tom’s bare cock. The cock in question promptly stirred.

“This time I am not going to tend to that, Tom Reed!” she told him attempting to give her voice a dignified note. “And,” she added pointedly, “I swear I’ll scream murder if you swat me again!”

“Aha,” Tom said and he didn’t seem duly impressed by her threat. “And who’s going to pay any mind to you? Do you think Micah, Declan and William will leap to your defence? For a while now they’ve been begging me to warm your behind.”


“Come to think of it, it’s not such an unworthy thought,” Tom mused with a sigh, but to Beth’s surprise, he allowed her to wriggle off of his lap.

Beth rubbed her bottom with a dark glare at him. She had occasion to see he was struggling to keep a straight face.

“So fine of you to laugh. You’re not the one with a bruised bottom!”

“I barely touched you,” he countered with a downright smirk.

“Barely? That from a blacksmith? With a hammer of a hand?”

Tom instantly frowned looking upon his large hand.

“I spanked you far harder before, and you didn’t complain even half as much!”

“Oh, but that was before,” Beth countered with a snigger.

“Before what?”

“Before you called me sharp-tongued!”

She fluffed her pillow, and presented him with her back. A silence followed, and Beth thought Tom would settle into sleep. She scoffed when she suddenly felt him press against her from behind, although she found her quim gushing as soon as she felt his cock prodding against her bottom.

“I said I wasn’t going to tend to that,” she muttered, yet to her own ears her voice sounded unconvincing.

Tom began to plant tantalizing kisses upon the back of her neck, while his hand slid to cup her breast, beginning to toy with her nipple.

“Desist! I wish to sleep in peace!” she said pettily, mimicking his earlier words.

She didn’t truly expect him to comply, but to her surprise, Tom rolled away from her with a sigh.

“That’s all you have to say?” Beth couldn’t help asking.

“I didn’t say anything,” Tom countered, yet he rolled back, and turned her on her side to face him.

He proceeded to rain sound kisses upon her face, breasts and shoulders, and soon Beth forgot to be angry with him, and could hardly keep from smiling. Her smile vanished though when she heard him say in an utterly wicked tone of voice, “I promised not to lie to you. So I must say I think you are sharp-tongued.”

She opened her mouth, yet she didn’t have a chance to speak.

“Sharp-tongued, but diligent, and very, very, very clever,” Tom told her between kisses.

Beth nearly preened under the praise, because, in truth, he hadn’t ever praised her before. She couldn’t hold her peace though, “Are you trying to sweet-talk me?”

“Indeed I am,” Tom spoke against her lips. “Though it is true you’re diligent and clever.”

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About R.R. Vane

I discovered romance in a shop which sold used books when I was a teen and I have been writing romance novels in my head ever since. My first ever draft was a medieval romance with a gray-eyed knight, and I still want to finish it one day. For me writing is a dream come true and I always try to stay true to my dreams. So I write historical/paranormal/fantasy romance. My first book (A Deep Dark Call, published as Rose Vane) is a Gothic romance set in nineteenth-century Romania. A Stern Knight for My Lady is the first medieval romance I ever published. 

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