Can he protect his wife?

Meg Hart has been waiting months for her ten-year high school reunion. Everything should be fun. After all, the smashing seven, the group of cheerleaders she went to school with, should be there, along with her best friend Nikki. And her dominant husband Matt will be at her side as well. So why is it that she feels such unease every time she thinks of going? And afterward, when things began to happen, are the memories that pop up in her dreams after the reunion significant?

Dr. Matt Hart adores his wife Meg, in her submissiveness and beauty, and has since the first time he saw her as a patient. Their marriage has been wonderful, and he’s determined to protect her despite her poor vision. When the first girl of the smashing seven is found murdered and the others begin to disappear one by one, will he be able to protect Meg from the evil that’s happening around them? And what’s the significance of the Blue Lion in front of the old Victorian House on Country Club Lane?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romantic mystery contains a theme of power exchange.

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Author Interview

What was the hardest part about writing The Blue Lion?

Actually? There’s been quite a bit of talk in this area about class reunions in the past several months. Who had grudges against whom, who was determined to be successful and who made it and who didn’t.

And, in the end, many years down the road, does it really matter? No. Everyone had experiences with cliques in school. Everyone has memories of the good and the bad. Do they still hold a grudge? If so, it’s sad. The Blue Lion was fraught with those questions as things began to happen and no one knew who to trust and who to fear. And especially, who to suspect.

As far as the writing, everything in it sort of fell into place. But I read and re-read it so many times, afraid I’d forgotten to put something in that needed to be said. I suppose that was the biggest and hardest part of writing it.

I dared not hope the cover would achieve the effect I wanted, (and I didn’t really know what I wanted!) but the brilliant Eris Adderly ran with it, and with the blushing team’s input it has come out more wonderful than I’d ever dreamed. I can’t express how excited I am about the book!

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Very early. I think it was the third or fourth grade when they couldn’t find anyone to play the part of Tom Sawyer in our school play, Whitewashing the Fence, which was the scene that we auditioned for. The boys thought it was silly to be in a play, so the teachers looked to the girls. The girls didn’t want to do it because it was a boy’s part. I remember thinking, “Oh, heck. I’ll do it” and tried to hide my trembling while holding up my hand. I think I was the only one who tried out for the part, so they were stuck with me. (They probably were sorry because I hammed it up terribly.) That sort of triggered the thought of writing my own ideas in stories and opened a little creative streak.

I began writing a few stories that year but I don’t remember ever sharing them with anyone until the fifth grade. Some of my classmates, I used as guinea pigs for my characters (they never knew about it) It wasn’t until later I began to share and purposely include them into my stories because I know they liked it. But the stories got longer, until they filled spiral notebooks, then several notebooks, and my friends were then bugging me to write stories about them.

Because I was a navy brat and we moved around a lot, there seemed to be a never-ending source of interesting characters to write about. But even when I was young, I would end up daydreaming about strong heroes who would stand up for what they felt was right and insist on keeping their ladies safe. By the time I graduated from high school it seemed most all of the daydreams and stories I wrote had turned to romance. So my parents were sweet enough to provide me with all the onionskin paper I could use and a typewriter. I was in heaven!

What is your writing process like?

It really varies. At times I just sit down like a pantser and write whatever comes into my head, I enjoy those times. On other occasions, when I’m writing a mystery or something that requires strategic placement of facts and suspicions and plots, I’m more organized and do a detailed outline. Those times, if I don’t, I’m sorry. It’s much more fun to just sit down and write than it is to plan, but it’s necessary.

Notebooks are a big part of writing for me. I have a huge collection of pretty notebooks and they usually are small enough to fit into my purse, along with a half-dozen mechanical pencils and pens. Whenever I think of something, I write it down right then. (I’m 68, and things don’t hang around forever, lol!

Also, dreams early in the morning hours seem to provide ideas about things I might be working on. Sometimes it’s like a twilight sort of time when dreams are present and new ideas happen. If I’m awake enough, I get up right then and write them down so I don’t lose them. Otherwise, poof! By the time the coffee’s made they’re gone.

What genres do you write in?

Several. I write historical as Pippa Greathouse, and have 19 books out under that name. But I found I seemed to be gravitating more toward mysteries. Too much so, perhaps, for historical books. I thought I might do more romantic books and some more westerns under the Pippa name and switch to a new pen name for contemporaries.

Mystery-suspense-thrillers are a genre I’ve always loved, and this series has evolved with a vengeance, so when the brilliant people at blushing suggested changing to a new pseudonym for this series, I jumped in with both feet.

Funny thing about mysteries and romances. There seem to be many which are mostly romance, and many which are mostly mystery-suspense, but not many with a blend of erotic mystery and suspense in the same books. I’ve been wanting to do more erotic material than I felt free to write under the Pippa name. And the desire to have a good balance between the erotic and the mystery was strong. (Here’s hoping it was achieved. If it’s not, I’m sure my readers will tell me, lol!)


Holding her eyes with his, he approached her, giving the music a chance to softly start. Her eyes were wide as she met his, and their gazes locked.

“Now,” he said, moving so close to her, she was forced to crane her slender neck upward to maintain her gaze. “My turn.”

When she started to unbutton his shirt, he captured her wrists in his hands and moved them back down to her side. She smiled, and he shook his head. “No, young lady. Don’t move.”


“Shh.” He rested his hand against her lips. Those luscious, perfect lips, combined with her big blue eyes, were mesmerizing. A man could live there.

The music stepped up a bit, and he turned her around so she faced the other way. Slowly, slowly, he lifted the hem of her top, drawing it upward and over her head. He let the garment fall on the floor next to her and then lowered his hands to her shoulders, rubbing her soft skin gently with his thumbs. He felt her shiver as his hands descended to her breasts. Her nipples were starting to pebble; he could feel it through the lacy bra she wore.

Working his way around to her back, he unfastened her bra and clutched it in his hands, bringing it down and dropping it to the floor on her other side.

“Now,” he commanded, “bend over and touch the floor.”