The Cat Lady by Brandy Golden

Lacey Fancy Parker was raised in the foster care system and had no problem leaving it behind when the dry little lawyer came bearing gifts. Apparently, she is the inheritor of some cash, an old Victorian house in small town Addison, OH, and dozens of cats! All this from a grandmother she hadn’t known existed until Mr. McCormick hunted her down at the request of Abigail Fancy Parker.
Lacey has no clue where she came from, who she is, or why she was abandoned, but when she sets eyes on number fourteen Shadow Lane, she is full of questions, full of joy, and most definitely, inundated with felines. No problem, she loves cats!
Officer Theron Bennett inherited the crazy cat lady of Addision when he moved to town several months ago. Now Abigail Parker has passed away, and it’s his job to bring the cats under control by trapping them and getting them out of the city. However, he didn’t count on a spirited young woman looking for her past to inherit the place and defend the out of control animals. He also didn’t count on losing his heart to the mysterious young girl with the most spankable bottom he has ever laid eyes on.
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