She stole his phone. He stole her heart.

Marisol Gutierrez had a simple job to do: steal a phone at a private high-stakes poker game to save her uncle’s life. When her handsome target easily sees through her clever smoke and mirrors distraction, Marisol soon finds herself over his knee, then running for her life.

Former Navy SEAL and private agent, Angel Fleming, never expected the worst trouble in his life to come in such a small and attractive package. Despite his better sense, he’s drawn to the troublesome little thief.

As they unravel secrets during the worst night of their lives, Marisol and Angel discover they have more in common than they imagined. He’s the son of the deadly Medusa, Catherine Fleming. She’s the daughter of Medusa’s rival, the late assassin known as the Black Spider, Aurora Llamas.

Can these two overcome threats from foes and family alike and forge a lasting love?

This is book five in the Billionaire Spy Series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This suspense-filled contemporary romance contains elements of danger, mystery, action, adventure, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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After lunch, they found the snorkeling gear and went looking for turtles and fish and enjoyed the colorful coral formations at the reef on the outer edge of the cove, then swimming some more in the infinity pool of the house. Marisol was sun burnished by the late afternoon.

Though he had insisted they sleep separately, Angel seemed keen to shower together when they returned from the beach. Marisol welcomed the idea. At least she did until, without preamble, Angel suddenly pushed her up against the polished beach-stone encrusted wall of the double shower stall, gripped her wrists with one hand and started striking her ass hard with the other.

“Ouch!” Marisol complained, meaning it. Not only did his swats hurt like the devil, but each slap echoed through the stall like thunder reverberating in her ears. This made the spanking feel even more intense. “Angel! Okay, stop! I’ll behave. I promise.”

Her pleas did nothing to ease his hand. He kept alternating between cheeks and seemed to have built up a tempo he was happy to keep up for a while. Marisol’s tears blended with the beads of water that dripped from her wet hair. The coolness of her damp body was in sharp contrast with the heat building up in her nether cheeks and between her legs, making her shiver. “Please, stop, Angel, you’ve made your point!” she pleaded again, concerned the staff might hear all this play out. She wasn’t sure just how she would face them at dinner, or that she could even sit for dinner at this point. It was mortifying. Also, the beach was open to the villagers. She worried passersby could probably hear the spanking too. She’d been asking for a spanking all day, and she had felt she needed it, but she hadn’t meant for it to happen like this and she hadn’t meant this much.

“You didn’t listen to me about wearing sunscreen,” Angel said, pausing his smacks briefly, “now your shoulders are sunburnt and I want your ass to match.”

“I don’t burn that easily,” Marisol said. “I think you’re exaggerating.”

Ay, mi amor, vas a quedar ardiendo,” Angel said, continuing his merciless smacking. He really seemed determined to set her ass on fire, and now she was sorry she started any of it.

“I’m sorry,” she wept. “I’m really, really sorry, Angel.”

“For what?” He stopped, without releasing her wrists.

“I’m sorry for teasing you and being a bit of a brat this morning at church,” Marisol said, meekly.

“Are you sorry for keeping me hard for hours, wiggling your little butt at me at the market when I couldn’t even touch you, making puppy eyes through lunch while you ate coconut ceviche like it was my cum, licking the spoon so grotesquely? Do you regret wearing that skimpy white bikini, with your breasts practically falling out, when you had a perfectly decent bathing suit to wear that would have been more practical? Do you feel bad about doing all of that, while knowing exactly what you were putting me through?”

“I was just being playful,” Marisol said. “I thought you’d like it.”

“I love it,” Angel said. “If I could fuck you, if we were completely alone in our bedroom, I’d absolutely insist on it. If you want to be a whore, just for me, I welcome it, but this was very public. I told you my wife has to be a lady in public. Besides, you know you were trying to earn more than this spanking, and, darling, you are going to get it. This was just the warm-up.”