Maxim Devereux is the handsome Dean of The Chateau. A school for the sons of the rich to learn the art of mastering a woman to pleasurable obedience in a range of ways from spanking to milking and breeding.

He is keen to involve himself in teaching as well as managing and longs to train a woman as his submissive and wife. He finds the perfect woman in the form of the beautiful and fragile Carla Lewis, the co-manager of the London school. When her abusive boyfriend is found to have embezzled the school’s accounts and threatens Carla’s life, Maxim is determined to protect her and keep her safe within the confines of The Chateau.

He informs his charge that this is the ideal time for her to learn more about the business by becoming one of the female submissives and for him to begin teaching again. Maxim sets about providing his stubborn, willful new pupil with a series of lessons on trust, discipline and surrender. He begins with a sound bare bottom caning in the Dean’s office over his desk. Then he prepares her for the delights of the obedience classes, the Milking House and the stable with a thorough medical exam.

Maxim has every confidence that Carla will graduate from her training after he has exposed all of the hidden desires she hides with shame and mastered her to his will. But will she agree to be his bride and allow him to breed her?

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Chapter One

Maxim Devereux was the dark handsome new owner and Dean of The Chateau. Situated in the heart of the Loire Valley in France it was a school especially for the sons of the rich to learn the arts of seduction, domination and discipline. He had started his new position at the early age of thirty-one as he meant to go on and was already disciplining the female staff for errors. Maxim raised his hand high again and delivered his last three strikes to his assistant’s bare bottom hanging seductively over his knees. The woman had made a critical accounting error, one which could have been avoided had she been more diligent in her calculations. Her mistake had proved costly to the school. To settle the matter he’d demanded she submit herself for discipline over his knee or leave.

His steely blue gaze rested on the young woman’s plump rump and the backs of her thighs now coloured a fiery red. She was quietly sobbing with the sting and burn of her spanking but otherwise to his satisfaction, she was quiet and submissive. Maxim softened his touch, smoothing his palm over the surface of her skin in an attempt to ease some of the pain.

“You have done well, Mademoiselle Marsaud. But if you are careless with the accounting again I will cane you,” he told her in a firm tone.

“Yes, Monsieur Devereux. It will not happen again.”

Maxim pulled up the silk white panties he had lowered to her calves and covered her bottom. He smiled to himself when he noticed he could still feel the heat emanating from her buttocks. Sitting would be uncomfortable. Maxim’s hand had always been a hard one. He had been well taught on how to execute a sound bare bottom spanking on a grown woman at The Chateau in his early twenties. Mademoiselle Marsaud would not forget the pain of his discipline in a great hurry.

With his assistance she stood and corrected her attire and the neatly piled blonde hair on her head. Maxim moved his large black leather chair back to his desk and offered her his handkerchief to dab her tear stained face. Then he turned to view the list of new students coming for their month’s stay and their itinerary for the day. That morning they were being shown around the Chateau and being given a timetable of classes and events they were obliged to attend to finish the course. He decided to join them and see how things were going. Their tour would be finding its way to the Milking House about now. There was just enough time to meet the students before his important guest arrived.

The walk to the Milking House was long through the extensive grounds of the Chateau but he made short of it with his long strides. The young men were being shown the human cows grazing in the field. The Chateau produced some of the finest breast milk in France with its carefully selected human cows and secret formula for its edible grass manufactured by its own laboratories.

Maxim was quickly acknowledged by the lecturer who was professionally attired in his black suit and graduation gown. Quickly making his small speech of welcome he stood back and allowed Bertrand to continue his lecture. In the large lush green expanse a group of twenty naked women were on all fours grazing contentedly on the nutritious grass, bending their heads to pull it out of the ground with their pearly white teeth and chew. It was a beautiful nature scene. Their pert white and tan bottoms were thrust in to the air as they bent to nourish themselves, the udders hanging from their large breasts brought to tautness from brushing the blades of grass.

Every woman grazing in the field, the discipline classes and BDSM sessions as a submissive were employed on a fixed term contract with benefits and a good salary to be collected at the end of their term. Many stayed on, especially those who had become human cows and opted for the breeding programme. Once under contract they were legally obliged to allow their naked bodies to be handled, medically examined, milked, spanked and fucked. They were to submit to male authority and rule at all times and were well rewarded for it.

The pretty blonde busty milkmaid in her low cut peasant top and skirt began to round up the women using the end of a riding crop to tap their buttocks until they gathered in to a large group. Every male fantasy female figure had been catered for at The Chateau. The warm sunshine of the morning beat down on the bare beauties who were only allowed to wear make-up applied by the milkmaids. Their hair was cut to mid length and of various shades of red, blonde, black and brown. What they did have in common was the extra-large swell of their breasts hanging low beneath them. They had been purposefully expanded from vitamins and secret organic medication in the edible grass. Their H cup breasts were pulled tight with the milk they held inside making them heavy and painful as the cows crawled to the gate for milking time. The dark plum udders hanging from them looked fit to burst and Maxim fancied they would let down their milk any moment. He hoped the milkmaid would hurry. He did not want to lose a drop of their creamy milk.

Each cow had a beautiful slim but amply curved figure. As they came through the gate, the milkmaid continued to guide them with a hard thwack to their bare bottoms with the riding crop making them buck their bottoms in to the air with helpless cries of surprise. The young men were clearly enthralled by the spectacle in front of them.

Maxim pulled down his dark sunglasses to take a better look at the women. He felt that familiar pain of loneliness sting his heart. There were plenty of beautiful naked women around him every day but he was yet to find a woman ready to fill the void Helene had left when she died four years ago. They had planned to marry but her death had come quickly and unexpectedly in a car accident. Maxim had never thought of replacing her. It was impossible to but now after four years he yearned for a woman to care for and love again. His widowed father had been the Dean of The Chateau and had decided to take early retirement offering him the post in the hopes he would be able to move on and find another woman. But the situation had not yet presented itself. Still he lived in hope.

Maxim folded his arms across his black suit and listened to Bertrand begin his lecture on how breast expansion was organised and maintained in a healthy manner by the edible grass.

“The organic formula balances the body and stimulates milk production in the breast. We can pick and choose which size we want to make the cow’s breasts by limiting or increasing her grazing time. If the cow has trouble producing milk we can give her a course of vitamin injections and vigorously massage her breasts until she is encouraged to let down her milk. If you take a look between the cow’s thighs you will see they are very wet. The organic substances in the grass together with constant breast manipulation and forced milking make the cows permanently aroused. They are always ready and willing for quick penetration. This is good because when a cow is taken her milk production is increased,” Bertrand finished with a grin as a light laughter and approval erupted between the young men who were peering to view the pink ripe wet fruit hanging beneath the cows.

“A cow can begin producing milk after only a day of grazing. She is kept separate from the herd and breast expansion is monitored by the hour,” the attractive blonde with designer stubble bent to trail his fingers the length of one of the cow’s spine.

“We are very proud of our herd,” he said softly now moving to stroke her bare bottom with the tips of his fingers while his other hand carefully cupped one of her swollen breasts, flexing the nipple back and forth. The cow began to pant and moan a little. Maxim found himself brushing the buttocks of one as she passed. “They are well loved and cared for. We find this encourages them to yield the creamiest and most nutritious milk for which we are famous. Touch them but be gentle. Feel the silkiness of their skin beneath your fingers and the weight of their breasts.”

The herd was made to stop to allow the men to caress and fondle their breasts and the bobbing clits between their pussies. When the lecturer signalled the time for them to allow the herd to move on, the cows were panting, mooing and moaning with need. Maxim was impressed.

All the better for milking.

“You can tell by the heavy ripeness of the breasts that they are a little overdue for their milking and they will be more than willing to release it. They are milked in the morning and early evening. Holding milk for too long causes pain but also pleasure. This must be balanced so the cow does not exert control and hold back her milk demanding to reach climax beforehand.”

“What do you do if a cow refuses to give up her milk?” one of the students asked.

“She is paddle spanked and her breasts are forcibly milked by hand as she receives her punishment.”

The student became more interested.

“Does spanking encourage milk production?”

“Yes. Some of our cows produce higher levels of milk when spanked. It is very inspiring to watch. Perhaps during your stay you will get to see that happen.”