The Original McKenzie Series: Three handsome, eligible brothers and the unlikely women who win their hearts.

Second Chances: Aidan’s Bride

She was looking for a fresh start, but she didn’t realize she would find true love. Two years after becoming a widow, Naomi Tisdale is determined to make a new life for herself in Oregon. She is not interested in marriage. In fact, she really just wants to be left alone. But when she meets her new neighbor, she is no longer interested in solitude, and she’s determined to gain more than just his friendship.

Aidan McKenzie knows immediately that Naomi is the woman he wants for a wife. With her beauty, charm, intelligence, and willingness to work hard, she embodies everything he has been searching for. But scars from her first marriage remain, and Aidan wonders whether he can convince her to take a second chance on love.

Naughty Angel: Brian’s Bride

When a devilishly handsome man discovers a beautiful, naughty angel, it could be a match made in heaven. When Sarah Martin wakes up at the McKenzie farm, she can’t remember anything about her past. She has no idea whether she is married or engaged. She only knows that her rescuer surpasses every fantasy she has ever had about her ideal man. She quickly learns that absolute pleasure can be hers, but only if she is willing to submit to him.

Brian McKenzie had given up on finding a wife. He knows that he needs a woman who is willing to accept his domination. When he discovers just such a woman in Sarah, theirs seems like the perfect match. But secrets from her past threaten to destroy their happiness, and it is up to Brian to protect his naughty angel and secure her as his bride.

Trailing Home: Liam’s Bride

Sometimes, the long and winding trail is the one that leads to love. Selena Darcy thought she would never marry. Her stepfather’s abuse has left her wary of men. She wants only to get as far from her stepfather as possible by joining her sister in Oregon. But when she meets a handsome stranger who can help her travel across the dangerous Oregon Trail, she realizes that he might be the one man she can trust with her heart.

When Liam McKenzie agrees to help Selena, he doesn’t realize she will turn his world upside down. He is sorely tempted by her beauty, but he isn’t ready to be tied down to a wife. But as they make the grueling trek over more than two thousand miles in a covered wagon, he can’t help but fall in love with his travelling companion. Now, if he can only convince her that he is the husband she needs before they reach the end of the trail.

Publisher’s Note: These three historical western romances contain steamy, graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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“Aidan, what are you doing?” she squeaked.

“I’m giving you a spanking, just like you deserve,” he said calmly.

He brought his hand down with a loud smack, igniting a stinging fire in Naomi’s bottom. She squealed and thrashed, but he held her down easily, landing an equally hard blow on the opposite cheek. He settled into a steady rhythm, ignoring her cries and pleas as he meted out justice until her entire bottom was red and hot.

Naomi finally stopped fighting, realizing that she couldn’t escape from his firm grip. She cried quietly, yelping each time his hand connected with her backside. When she didn’t think she could stand it a moment longer, he stopped.

Aidan rubbed her sore bottom with soothing strokes, listening to her soft cries, and admiring her gorgeous red bottom. He smiled grimly as he held her across his knees. That had felt good. It was just the relief he had needed. Now, he would be able to reason with her. He waited until she had calmed somewhat before he questioned her.

“Naomi, all this time, you’ve been thinking that you knew what’s best for me better than I do. You’ve been making decisions on my behalf instead of letting me make my own decisions, is that right?”

Naomi bit her lip, wishing she could see his face. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking from his calm voice. She took a deep breath and answered in a shaky voice, “I didn’t want you to stop loving me. I thought you would be happier with a woman who could give you children.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” he said, still soothing her bottom with calm strokes of his calloused hand. “Have you been keeping me from making my own decisions because you thought you knew what was best for me?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

She jumped when he landed another slap on her burning bottom. He resumed his punishment, not stopping until Naomi was helplessly squirming and tensing her bottom, trying to ease the fiery pain.

Once again, he resumed his calming strokes, allowing her time to catch her breath before he continued. “From now on, I’ll make my own decisions. Is that clear, young lady?”

“Yes,” she cried, nodding her head to emphasize her agreement.

She tried to rise, but he firmed his arm around her waist, holding her still on his lap. He continued to knead her bottom as the moments stretched out and Naomi’s tension mounted. Each firm squeeze of his hand intensified the burning feeling in her bottom, but she knew better than to protest. When he spoke again, she jumped.

“Is it also true that you have been comparing me to your dead husband?” He waited for her hesitant nod before continuing. “Did you assume I would react in the same way as he did when I found out you couldn’t have any children?”

Naomi squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to reply to his question. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach. Aidan spanked her hard on the bottom, making her jerk and squeal.

“Answer me, Naomi,” he commanded calmly, landing an even harder blow on the opposite side.

“Yes,” she gasped, squirming from the burn.

He resumed spanking her, striking her even harder than before. By the time he stopped, it felt like molten lava had been poured over her bottom, and Naomi’s face was streaked with tears.

Once again, he paused, caressing her softly with his strong hand as she cried but giving her bottom an occasional squeeze of punishment.

To Naomi’s immense surprise, she realized she was growing increasingly aroused. Her nipples were painfully hard, and she could feel moisture pooling between her thighs. She squeezed her eyes shut, mortified by the thought that Aidan might realize the effect the spanking was having on her.

When he spoke, Aidan’s voice was gentle but firm, full of conviction. “Don’t ever make that mistake again. I am not your dead husband. I am your soon-to-be second husband, and I will always love you just the way you are, children or no children. Is that clear?”

Naomi nodded vigorously. He smacked her hard on her burning bottom.

“Answer me, Naomi.”

“Yes! That’s clear.”

Her heart was pounding with excitement. Her bottom hurt like crazy, but the feeling of his firm hand massaging her bruised posterior was sheer bliss. She could feel his erection, hard and hot and throbbing, poking against her belly. Naomi bit her lip as she felt her juices beginning to dribble down her inner thighs, and she squeezed her legs together, hoping he wouldn’t notice. She stifled a moan of arousal as Aidan continued.