Olivia doesn’t need or want a man, she just wants the story. So, why does she feel drawn to Emperor Axelsson?

The year is 2943. After the third world war twenty years ago, Earth is now run by Emperors who operate like Mafia War Lords after the countries were carved in to Empires as the spoils of war. Ten years ago, a virus wiped out most of the planet’s female population, leaving the planet on the brink of extinction, and has only recently been eradicated. Olivia Jaxon is an English journalist. She travels to Skiptavegr, the seat of the mighty Emperor of Scandinavia. She wishes to interview the Emperor about his new initiative to encourage population growth and protect the dwindling numbers of women being stolen by international slavers and sold to the highest bidder at an alarming rate.

Emperor Gabriel Axelsson does not expect to fall for the beautiful woman who is determined to uncover all of his secrets and challenge the way he leads his people. He quickly finds the feisty, reckless journalist is in need of some stern discipline over his knee and a firm guiding male hand in her life before she gets herself killed pursuing another story. The War Lord discovers she hides a secret from her past she would rather die than reveal. But slowly, with tender loving care, he exposes her vulnerability and lays her bare finding an emotionally wounded woman requiring his love and protection. When one of the underworld Emperor’s attempts to take her from him, he brings the full might of his wrath down upon his enemy and stops at nothing to get her back.

This is book one in the Emperor War Lords series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This dystopian, sci-fi romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of action, adventure, mystery, suspense, possible triggers for some readers, power exchange, and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“And how did he take her to task?” Olivia asked unsure as to whether or not she wanted to know.

“In front of a male audience, he stripped the kneeling queen naked and roughly pulled her over his knee as he sat on her own throne,” he told her in a seductive velvet voice. “And spanked her plump bare bottom hard in front of them all while pulling her long mane of flaxen hair from behind her to keep her in place, shaming her for her disobedience. The historian recording the spectacle appeared to take great delight in recording every detail for prosperity,” he finished with amusement at the shock displayed on Olivia’s pale beautiful features.

She imagined the poor queen’s fragile rump being coloured bright red by the handsome emperor’s firm male hand. When she looked up at King Gabriel Axelsson she was startled to find herself imagining him roughly removing her dress to throw her over his knee, pull down her black lace panties and administer the same punishment. The scene appeared to reflect back at her from his eyes with that pervading smile twitching on his lips.

“The punishment resonated with the men of the country when it was unified. The women were made wives, put back in the bedroom to be loved and reproduce under the firm loving guide of their dominant husband. The women became happy. They felt safe and protected again and the country became prosperous and abundant with children.”

“Interesting. And what happened to the reluctant queen? Did she learn to submit to the dominant emperor?”