Gillian Morgan’s life was almost lost to the very past she was hiding from. Now, she is at an even greater risk of losing her heart completely to the men who saved her. Gillian knows that loving dangerous men like John and Patrick will be difficult, but is she prepared for what fate has in store?

John Kenric is in a serious predicament. He almost lost the woman he loves to the son of his greatest enemy. The British mobster has not only exposed Gillian as his greatest weakness, but his enemies now have a weapon they can use against him.

Patrick O’Malley is watching his best mate, John, fall in love with Gillian. The problem is Patrick has found himself falling for the beautiful, green-eyed doctor as well. The Irishman refuses to go down without a fight, but his heart and fate have a completely different plan.

Publisher’s Note: This is a steamy book about the mysterious Underworld, containing reverse harem, graphic scenes, role playing, and a theme of power exchange.


John’s deep, smoky voice broke Patrick’s spell over Gillian as she immediately pushed against Pat’s chest, but he didn’t budge. Her eyes left his turquoise orbs to glance around the room. She was mortified to see everyone in the room ogling the three of them. Gillian closed her eyes a moment and took a deep breath, embarrassed as hell. She had absolutely no control when John and Patrick were around.

“Look at me, kitten,” John said to Gillian at her ear as he nuzzled her neck. When she did as he requested, he smiled. “Kenrics never feel embarrassed about their actions, and you won’t either.”

“But I’m not a Kenric, Bear,” Gillian replied softly.

“Not yet, but you will be.” John smiled before placing a chaste kiss on her lips. He then grabbed her hand and pulled her away from Patrick. As they made their way to their booth, John said over his shoulder. “Kitten, you look absolutely breathtaking tonight. Sorry about my behavior back there. You and your body caught me off guard.”

“I’m glad you approve, Bear.” Gillian smiled back, her eyes roaming his lovely backside in the black suit. Glancing over her shoulder to look at Patrick, she playfully asked, “And what about you, Mr. O’Malley? Do you approve?”

Patrick growled in the back of his throat as he watched the sway of her magnificent ass. Needing the contact, he slapped one cheek. An evil grin spread across his handsome face when Gillian’s bottom jiggled and she let out a gasp. “I approve, kitty, very much. I can’t wait to take it off, though.”

“Well, you have to.” The American giggled, loving the undivided attention from her two men. “First, we eat dinner. You two can eat me later.”