Jack waited more than a decade, deciding that his single chance at love had slipped by him, and he wasn’t looking for it, but somehow love had found its way back into his heart and into his life.
Keila left for college with a single goal in mind: to put as much distance between herself and her overbearing relatives as she possibly could, to figure out who she was and who she could become. She tried her hand as the campus party girl and nearly got herself booted from the dormitory for her efforts. Luckily for her, she had an RA who saw more and took her under her wing. She couldn’t have imagined that one late night conversation over cheesecake would change the trajectory of her college career and alter her entire future.
One weekend of theatre, dinner, and stuffed French toast brought them together, but what would it take to keep them that way? Can a girl with daddy issues and a man with a wall around his heart find what they need from a relationship in one another, or will they get stuck in the platonic arrangement they believed was all they needed?
Keila and Jack met through friends who had taken their arrangement to the next level. Now, it’s their turn to finish what they started in the way that works best for them. It’s time to renegotiate their Daddy Arrangement.
Publisher’s Note: This sweet May/December, interracial romance contains a theme of power exchange. If this is not for you, please do not read it.

Note from the Author

Include a note from the author. Talk about what made you desire to write this book. What inspired you? Is there some reason why you chose to write this story specifically? Did you learn anything interesting while writing this book?

            I’ve been toying with this idea and sitting on book one (in various incarnations) for close to three years. I started toying with the story after watching a Lisa Ling news special on the Sugar Daddy scene. So many of these much younger girls were looking for things far from sex. The exposure to a life of art, travel, and culture being at the top of the list. Some of the men had simple needs of mere companionship only, as well. It was just fascinating to me that people would put themselves out there and negotiate a contract to get exactly what they wanted. Most surprising was how so many of the girls made a living from sugaring. Now, of course, in fiction, you have to make it a bit more romantic, but these couples seemed quite content with how things began for them. The fact that it all played out under these specific Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby rules and roles was so far from anything I would consider I sort of fell down the rabbit’s hole of information and started looking for all I could find.

            When I started book one it was supposed to solely focus on Brianna and Michael, but after introducing Keila and Jack the story came out to be more about them. So, I went with it and Brianna and Michael simply became the catalyst for their meeting. This is what happens when I sit in front of a blank page. I usually just let the story unfold.

Five Fun Facts 

1.         Watching any sort of musical movie or television show with me can is nightmare (so I’ve been told) as I compulsively sing-a-long. The same is true for knowing all of the lines to popular 80s and 90s sitcoms. #dontviewwithme

2.         I spent two years working on my doctorate in psychology, before deciding I would go crazy myself if I had to spend the required number of hours in the lab entering data from surveys. I switched my research and my degree. Right now I write spunky, spanking novels, but if I ever want to be called Dr. P. I’ll need to finish the last 7 chapters of my dissertation.

3.         Confession: I am a carb-o-holic! I can, and have at times, lived entirely off of sandwiches. If you can squish it between two slices of bread, then it’s my kind of meal. My current poor meal choice is often Vitamin Water and a bag of Skinny Pop Popcorn. #singlegaldinner

4.         It wasn’t until I moved to Japan, five years ago, that I ever ordered anything on-line. Now, I get so many packages from Amazon (and a dozen other sites) that I often forget what I’ve purchased. #shopaholic

5.         I detest winter and snow with every fiber of my being, but I adore fall/winter clothes. I’m always excited about Ugg season.


“That’s her. No, don’t stare.”

            “What’s her story?”

“I don’t know. Marcey just calls her the girl in apartment 1203. She used to live on nine in that big corner apartment. We used to joke that it must be nice to have mommy and daddy footing the bills for this place, but her roommate moved out at the end of the term and rumor has it that she married the man we thought was her daddy.”

“Wow! How do you and Marcey find this stuff out?”

“Get your nose out of the books sometimes and hang out with us when folks come over. You would know these things too. You know nobody’s seen her with anyone except the hot older dude who lives on her floor. Ron and Chris both got shot down when they asked her out.”

Ding. The doors opened on eleven and those two heifers had the nerve to exit and then turn back and wave. Keila wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of knowing she’d heard their petty gossip or was at all affected by it. She smiled, waved back, and immediately smashed the door close button so hard the pressure shot through hand and up her wrist. When the doors opened on her floor Keila turned left to her side of the building then sprinted left and down the hall grateful for the carpeting that covered the hallway from the elevators down both ends of the hall on either side. The building had kept the elevator bank marble which matched the lobby, but would have made her rapidly falling footsteps echo like thunder with the chunky heel she was rocking. They weren’t really uncomfortable, once she managed to walk further than the car to her chair, but they would never be as easy as her ballet flats. According to Brianna though no one would take her seriously at her internship if she looked all of fifteen years old.

Shutting the door behind her and turning both locks finally gave her a reason to exhale and quieted the voices still reverberating in her head of the girls from the elevator. Keila knew it was foolish to let silly building gossip break her down. Michael, Brianna, and especially Jack had all told her that the first night they’d all been together again, once Jack was all moved into his own place across the hall and the happy couple had returned from their honeymoon.