Matthew intends to give Mandy the freedom to discover who she is but will he accidentally give too much?

Matthew loves his wife more than he ever thought he would. The circumstances leading to their wedding were a little unconventional, and as they are settling into marriage, they continue to do things in a unique way. He is an attorney by trade and being head of household comes naturally to him. Mandy keeps him on his toes for certain, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mandy loves Matthew and has found true happiness in her life. He’s everything she never knew she wanted, including his dominant personality. He has rules for her safety and well-being and won’t accept excuses if they’re broken. For the first time, she feels treasured and safe even if she’s unable to sit comfortably at times.

This is book two in The Green Card series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, sweet romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange and has a happily ever after. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“Do you remember your promise to me, to submit to me and to follow the rules I set?”

Mandy nodded. “Yes, sir.” Her internal struggle brought a tightness to her chest. She had been thinking about their relationship a lot in the past week. She realized she could not deny that she loved her dynamic with Matthew. She loved knowing he was in control, and that he kept her, and their relationship, safe. She loved that he understood her consent and need for his dominance, even when she fought against it. Immediately after punishments, she adored the closeness she felt to him, the intimate trust they shared. Her favorite place in the world was in his arms. It was the moments during discipline, or when feeling its effects shortly afterward, that she hated it.

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How far would you go to escape a life of quiet desperation?

When Mandy is offered a marriage arranged solely to keep a British citizen from losing his US work visa, she is faced with that very decision.
Her prospective husband, Matthew, is good looking and has a good income, but his expectations of a wife seem very old-fashioned indeed to Mandy, as does the way he intends to encourage her to live up to those expectations.

He is very open about the rules she must follow, as well as the consequences for her if she fails to do so. But he also offers the life change Mandy has been longing for, and she is young and bold enough that she is sure she can handle the challenge while still retaining her freedom.
However, neither is quite prepared for the difficulties of melding two strangers from very different walks of life into a cohesive married couple. And Mandy is definitely unprepared for the more physical difficulties she undergoes over Matthew’s lap while he reminds her, with a hard hand on her bottom, that his rules are meant to be obeyed.
Still, Matthew manages to stay on course and teach his new and very inexperienced wife that discipline works best when tempered with large doses of love.

Publisher’s Note: The Green Card includes depictions of adult, consensual spanking, as well as adult sexual behavior. If such subject matter is not to your taste, please read no further.