Zara’s life is in danger. Alex and Brett Barclay want to keep her safe and keep her for themselves. Will Zara agree?
Zara Hart is a renowned Architect who has designed and is heading the team working on her biggest project yet. She thought it was her big break, but she’s been sexually harassed and attacked at work and she decides to quit. When Alex Barclay, the billionaire and Dominant, who runs half of the enterprise finds out what is happening to the woman he chose to run the project, he is determined to make her come back to work and offers her his protection. He will see to it the men involved are fired and brought to justice. When Alex convinces her to return to the office one of the men who harassed and attacked her without reprimand enters the building and shoots her friends and work colleagues in front of her.

Alex Barclay protects her with his life when the gunman aims his weapon at her and a strong bond grows between the two. Sensing her need to be submissive, cherished, disciplined and kept safe in his arms, Alex is only too willing to become her Dominant and take her in hand. As the danger increases and Alex must travel to confront the man responsible, he insists his handsome twin brother is the only man he can trust to protect Zara while he is away. Despite their previous rivalry with each other Brett agrees. But Brett becomes attracted to Zara and is determined to make her his own. Will the two brothers fight over Zara or learn to share?

This is book five in the Masterful series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, dark romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, menage, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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He manoeuvred the sponge up between my thighs caressing it across my clit moving it back and forth. I gave a small moan and found myself pressing my body against him once more. Alex caught my lips and kissed me deeply settling his hand into the small of my back to steady my body as he continued to stroke the sponge over my pussy in the hot steam. Sucking passionately on my bottom lip he held me against him until I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. Alex moved the sponge over my hip and in between the crease of my bottom.

The billionaire circled his finger around the small, puckered hole raising a coy blush from my cheeks. I had only once attempted anal sex with Gary and he had been clumsy and too eager. The whole process had to be embarrassingly aborted when I complained of too much pain. I had barely been lubricated and the whole attempt had felt more like an assault. But when Alex touched me there I became heavily aroused at the prospect of him penetrating me.

He surprised me by putting the sponge on the shelf and suddenly leaning over my shoulder to roughly part the crease to inspect the small hole and my bottom as though he now owned it. But I suppose he did the moment I surrendered to him on my knees at his feet. I had given him rule of my body through my own free will. He could do as he pleased and I trusted him to respect my body and keep me safe. I hoped I pleased him.

“Very pretty,” he remarked. “Nice and tight.”

His inspection over, Alex said no more about it and closed my bottom cheeks together to turn his attention to cupping and testing the weight of my breasts. They were heavy breasts and I had always despaired at the size but Alex appeared more than pleased by them. He tugged at both nipples stretching them out until I made a small gasp of pain. Alex smiled and cruelly pinched the nipples. There was acute discomfort but my vulva began to melt and run with cream especially when he repeated the action. Then he turned me around until my back was facing him.

“Bend over,” he commanded rhythmically squeezing my breasts in his large male palms from behind.

“Why?” I asked breathless.

The sound of a wet slap across one of my buttocks echoed loudly in the enclosed space of the shower. I yelped more from the unexpected shock but I was quick to receive another one and I lowered my eyes feeling suitably punished for questioning him. My feelings were mixed. A part of me still waged the war of independence and desperately tried to reassert my will, force me to object and demand an apology but the other was stronger.

“Don’t question me, little one. When I give you a command I expect to be obeyed without question. Do I make myself clear or do I have to take my belt to your bottom this time?”

I returned with, “Sorry, Sir. I will be a good girl from now on.”

“Who is in charge of you and whom do you belong to now?” he asked sternly, loudly above the jets of water.

“You, Sir and no one else.”

But my goodness was not to last for very long. His penis was so taut between us I had the urge to stroke it and feel its power over me, feel it dominating me with each hard thrust inside my vagina. I moved my bottom restlessly against it and this time my wanton behaviour was to earn me a pussy slap.

“Naughty girl,” he said with amusement reaching in front of me to slap his hand downwards across the breadth of my vulva splashing the warm water against my clit with force until I bucked and whimpered. “Touch your toes and widen your legs. Do it now.”

The water from the shower rained heavily against my back and vigorously spanked my bottom as I widened my legs and touched my toes in front of him.

“Hold your ankles,” came the next instruction and I made sure I obeyed him quickly.

His fingers sank inside my pussy and I moaned with pleasure at being touched. An ache was building inside only he could satisfy and I hoped he would not deny me as a show of discipline.

“Good. You are nice and wet in there.”

Alex leaned over my back and stroked my spine with butterfly kisses momentarily breaking his stern persona. His voice lowered to a seductive whisper, “This is the way I want you to be when I come to take you. Always wet, open, and available for my entry whenever and wherever we are. From now on you are forbidden to wear panties unless I give you express permission, darling. Is that understood?”

His words heightened my arousal. I nodded submissively.

“Yes, Daddy.”