Handsome Norwegian Billionaire, Vidar Alvarsson, nicknamed the Viking because of his raiding of businesses and the stripping of their assets, wants revenge on the man who stole his sister and trafficked her across Europe. Not content with simply ruining his business empire, he wants Ethan Prince’s most valuable asset, his beautiful daughter Fallon.

Alvarsson doesn’t count on Fallon Prince melting his icy heart with her fiery temper while he seeks to tame her with his dominance. She’s determined to hide her vulnerability when he persuades her to settle her father’s debt in his bed every night. But he finds an emotionally damaged woman, forced to face the truth about her father, who triggers every protective instinct he has.

When they are forced to marry to play a sadistic businessman’s game to find Vidar’s sister, the Billionaire is determined to prove to Fallon he is the husband and dominant she has been crying out for in her life. But while danger swirls around them, will she allow herself to trust again and accept his love or choose her freedom instead?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, danger, adult themes, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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One hand in her hair, another pulling her arm, he dragged her to his study. All he could think about was taking her. He couldn’t help but love she was struggling and playing the game to full effect. He glanced down at her again, some semblance of sane thought flickering through his mind just to make sure he hadn’t misread the signals. But there it was in its full glory, that secret smile in her eyes and on her lips. Just as they reached the door of the study he felt her resistance lessen further confirming his suspicions.

He flung the door open and with a hard push propelled her forward into the room watching closely to make sure she didn’t stumble and injure herself. When she fought to right her balance after his shove he worried he’d gone too far. But when she continued moving forward until she reached his desk and turned to face him with a primal look, he relaxed. Her hands gripped underneath the wood frame of the desk as though to focus on controlling herself. She took his breath away. He wanted the dress off her and to be inside her pussy.

No words were spoken. None were warranted. Vidar locked the door and barred any escape for her. He tugged at his bow tie until it unravelled and hung loose around his neck. Undoing the top button of his shirt, he approached her, catching her swiftly as she ran to run behind him. Sweeping everything off his desk to the floor, he slammed her down on to it, holding her arms and hands down and above her. He wound his arm underneath her waist and lifted her further onto the desk until her head hung over the back of the desk where his leather chair was positioned. She struggled, forcing him to press his body down on her to hold her in place.

Vidar pulled the bow tie out from around his neck and tied her wrists together with it. Fallon gasped but, to his surprise, did not protest. The urge to kiss her lips roughly was potent. But she was to turn away from him when he lowered his mouth. Frustrated and angry he pulled her hair forcing her to turn her head back. She struggled but finally his lips made hard contact.

Pulling Fallon’s hair harder to force her head back and her mouth upwards, he probed his tongue hard, deep and rough inside her mouth. Her resistance remained, spurring him on until he felt her tongue stop the fight and respond unlike her body which continued to move restlessly underneath him. She curled her foot and aimed it at his ankle charging his temper once more and renewing the fight for dominance.

The sound that came from his mouth in response was primal, a forgotten cry that came from somewhere deep inside lost from eons ago. Vidar raised himself off her body and stretched to reach the letter opener still lying on the table near them and took hold of the front of the red dress. He wasted no time in using it to cut the silk bodice open and down to the crotch pulling the material away as he did so. He opened the dress enjoying the way her heavy naked breasts bounced free from it on top of her chest. Her body arched upwards towards him as he pulled the garment out from underneath her body and threw it to the floor. Snapping both sides of her skimpy matching red panties he freed her pussy from its prison.

He swept his hand down the side of her body and looked down at her.

“I own this,” he hissed. “I own you. You are mine and always will be. I am never letting you go, bitch.”

“Bastard,” she sneered back at him her eyes glistening with a mixture of contempt and urgent desire.

He grinned.

“We go together well. The bitch and the bastard.”

He lowered his mouth to one perfect pert teat pointing from the tip of a juicy mound and harshly nipped it with his teeth making her scream. She struggled underneath him as he sucked the nipple teasing it beneath his teeth, small aroused gasps and whimpers escaping her lips almost at odds with her fierce struggle. To calm and still her he raised his hand and slapped her opposite breast three times. There was no confusion or mistake in the nature of her reaction. The sound was loud and guttural echoing out around the room to bounce off the walls.

Someone started knocking on the door demanding entry to make sure they were both okay. Vidar ignored them burying his face in her chest once more, lifting her bottom to slap the side twice to calm her struggles. His action appeared to encourage her to move more and risk further discipline. Yet not once did she protest or voice a fear of his rough handling and he loved her for it.

Squeezing one breast painfully hard making her whimpers almost turn to sobs, he flattened his palm, moving it down her stomach towards her vagina carefully watching her every reaction for signs the game was too much. His fingers sank between her wet folds. Now Fallon Prince was free and open to sink his cock hard and deep inside her.

Unable to wait any longer he pulled down his zip and took out his long hard pulsing penis. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen it stretched so hard with need for a woman. He guided it roughly towards her pussy. She was wet enough to embed himself deep with one thrust and he ached to take her roughly and forcefully without remorse. Once more he looked at her to gauge her feelings and to check for any reluctance. He saw none and she remained silent. All she did was glance down at his length, bite her sexy, wet, red bottom lip and widen her legs a little more underneath his body to welcome and receive him.

The Norwegian guided his cock to her entrance and poised it just inside. Taking hold of her arms from above her head he rammed inside her to the hilt. He was so deep he wondered if he was banging on the door of her womb. Vidar’s body arched upwards with her delicate female cry of defeat at being conquered.

He rammed inside her again, over and over, each thrust accompanied by a satisfied Neanderthal grunt. Her own cries were primal in nature and of equal satisfaction. Her body moved violently on the desk with each deep calculated penetration as though he were spearing her. He felt the walls of her vagina tighten around him and gritted his teeth to hold himself back. He wanted this to be all about her surrender.

“Come for me. Come now,” he demanded gruffly, encouraging her obedience with a sharp slap to one breast. It was to provide the desired result. She screamed out her passionate release amid the louder banging on the door and voices. Vidar couldn’t help being satisfied they would all hear him taking her.

He watched the warm glow spread over her body flushing her beautiful features and body with a rosy tint. Her movements slowed to a graceful motion even though he continued his deep unforgiving thrusts. She stared into his eyes as pleasure swamped her own enthralling him. Her body arched and her last tortured cry echoed from her lips to signal the end of her climax. Still feeling her tremble internally, he continued moving inside her a little more and then withdrew as sharply as he had entered her.

Quickly freeing her hands and twisting her hair inside his fist once more, he pulled her off the desk and down onto her knees in front of him on the floor. Tugging her hair to force her head up and back, he led his cock to her mouth and roughly pushed it between her lips. Her mouth opened wide to accept him and immediately closed around his taut length making him grunt again when she cruelly grazed her teeth along his flesh.

Vidar bent and flattening his palm he gently tapped the side of her face while pulling her hair at the same time to safely discipline her for the action. The effect was dazzling. Fallon’s tamed gasp vibrated against his cock. She began to suck him with a fevered pace. It wouldn’t take much. He could barely hold his seed and now someone was trying to break the door down.

He thrust manically in and out of her mouth deep to the back of her throat just before the point of engaging her gag reflex and allowed himself the indulgence of coming strongly. His seed frothed inside her wet silky mouth spilling out from the sides as his grip tightened on her hair to force her mouth to take more of him inside her. Her hands wound around his legs and clung to him, her mouth a willing receptacle as she allowed him to forcefully fuck it the same way he had done her pussy.

“Swallow every last drop or I will tan your hide,” he ordered roaring with contentment when he felt her greedily gulp it down her throat.

His body was in danger of slumping over when his pleasure diminished. The door came off its hinges. With lightning speed, he raised Fallon to her feet by her hair and inserted his cock back inside his trousers behind his closed zip. He pressed her back against the wall covering her naked body with the front of his own, his hands above her shoulders to prevent her escape as the door was knocked in and flat to the ground.

“We are fine,” he said turning his head to the side unable to stop his free hand from stroking the side of her body as he spoke to the two concerned men. “Just a small argument,” he said, softly continuing his caress unable to keep his eyes from hers as he tried to work out what she was thinking, feeling. He just wanted them all to leave so he could ask her.

Guests were peering in making him press closer to shield Fallon. She leaned her body close to him seeking his protection, making his heart ache and beat faster with excitement. It was the first time she had willingly expressed a need for it and he was more than eager to step up and provide her with his security.

“Get them out of here and leave us,” he commanded, his voice threatening to display his impatience at his security team. “We will return in a minute.”

Feeling the compulsion to touch her more intimately again he slipped his fingers inside her pussy and stroked the small bud trying to coax it back to life.

“As long as you are both all right?” his chief of security enquired again as the other man directed the guests away.

“Yes. I have already told you.”

Finally, the security chief left them alone together. Fallon opened her mouth to speak but he pressed his finger to her lips wanting the moment to last a bit longer before the spell was broken.

“Hush,” he instructed in a soft whispered tone.

Vidar lowered himself to his knees. She wasn’t the only person in the room who had been conquered. His tongue curled and licked at the tip of her clit, tasting her juices. He held her thighs tight and continued to allow her to experience the delights of a kiss. He pushed his tongue inside her trying to taste as much of her as he could, twisting his tongue in a circular motion inside the entrance to her channel coaxing another climax in to being. He looked up at his beautiful Queen as she whimpered with delight and cried out her sweet release. The moment she finished coming she dropped to her knees and propelled herself into his arms, sobbing. Captivated at her show of vulnerability he held her close loving the way she clung to him her anger and resistance finally tamed.