Olly, dressed as a young boy to keep her identity as an unclaimed omega a secret, is searching for food when she is grabbed and taken to Garron, the great commander, to work for him as a bought and paid for servant. But when he discovers who and what she really is, he wastes no time in claiming her for his own.

Now, they must learn to exist as Alpha and omega while fighting the biggest fight of Garron’s life as a great warrior.

Enjoy how this fifth and final book in the Alpha’s Woman series brings together all the characters of the previous books for a spectacular ending.

Publisher’s Note: This action filled Alpha/omega romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.


When her body began to coil in on itself with the bliss he was bringing her, he could feel Ollyah clenching at him, making it even harder—but that much better—for him to move, but he had to. Garron reached down with his free hand and grabbed the back of her neck firmly, pressing her face further into the mattress, controlling her even more completely.

It was that act that sent her over the edge as he fucked her mercilessly and continued to do so while she orgasmed around him, milking him almost forcibly, never moving his finger and throwing her into a whirlwind of ecstasy that had her screaming and crying and peaking uncontrollably until he could feel himself squirting the last of his seed deep into her, the tip of his cock lodged directly up against her waiting cervix.

Garron kept her in that position, even when he was technically done with her, unhooking her quickly as she gasped at the pain, then withdrawing to press himself against her as a combination of the two of them spilled down the insides of her legs.

To Olly’s surprise, he then flipped her over, onto her back, pressing her legs back so that her knees were near her ears, and encasing her very sensitive bits in his mouth, holding her legs so far back that her bottom was lifted well off the bed. Garron used his mouth and tongue to scoop up as much of their spunk as he could and deposit it inside her again before his demanding mouth again settled on her clit and he gave her no choice but to climax five or six more times—she lost count as to how many.

“Please, no more!” she whispered, utterly exhausted.