Annabelle “Anne” Barkley is part of a small crime family in the old west. Her whole life, she’s been told that family is the most important thing. She is very religious and has never murdered anyone, despite living as a bandit.

Then, she meets Clayton James. He’s sexy, charismatic, and works as a bounty hunter. As much as she might try to fight against it, she finds herself getting pulled into a relationship with him. The relationship is dangerous from the start, and it forces her to drive an invisible wedge between her and her family. However, that isn’t the only problem, as she finds her life in danger, and the foundations of her world being challenged.

Clayton James is on a mission to find the two men who murdered his first wife. When he meets bandit Annabelle Barkley, however, he feels inclined to protect her. Will he be able to avenge his wife’s murder and protect the beautiful bandit at the same time?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, old west, romantic suspense contains a theme of power exchange as well as some graphic scenes.

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Her face turned another, brighter, shade of red as she heard that, but she nodded. She could have stood up, told him to stop, fought back, or just resisted. None of that occurred to her in that moment, though, as the idea of doing anything other than what he said was simply inconceivable. She started to hate this part of her mind almost as much as she hated Clayton.

A second after she nodded, just long enough to think he might not hit her again, he spanked her ass again. She closed her eyes and resisted making any noise. He continued to spank her in the alley, over and over. She heard people walking in the street, not even two yards away from her.

At some point, she couldn’t be sure quite when the spanks didn’t even hurt anymore. Well, they still did, but there was something else to them as well. Each one sent another jolt of pleasure down her spine and she felt herself grow wet again. She just hoped that Clayton didn’t notice.

If he did notice, he didn’t say anything. He spanked her in pure silence. When he was done, he pulled her skirt back down, and she let out a gasp, feeling the fabric rest against her now sore cheeks. She collapsed to her knees for a second as tears touched the corners of her eyes. She thought she’d never be able to sit comfortably again.

“All right.” Anne twisted her neck to look at him as he spoke. “Now let’s see what you traded my stuff for. What was so worth it.”

He dumped the saddle bag out before she could say no. Her eyes watched as the bag of flour fell to the ground. She was too slow to catch it. She saw it hit the ground and burst open. A gust came through and blew some of the ground wheat away. Anne quickly crawled over to it and tried to pick up the bag, struggling to stop more flour from pouring out. She had completely forgotten the pistol.

She barely noticed Clayton bend down to pick it up. He stared at it in his hands for a second, stunned. She turned to look at him as she stood up and tossed the bag to the ground. It was mostly empty right then anyway.

She jabbed a finger in his chest and spoke in a low hiss. “Fine, take your stupid gun,” she said. “I don’t know why I bothered to save it, anyway. You think you’re such a big, tough man, well, I’ll tell you, you’re pure evil. Go ahead, just turn me in too, or just shoot me dead here. You’ve already done enough.”

He seemed to snap back to reality and looked her in the eyes. He took the gun and placed it back in the holster at his side.