The Passion of Jane: A Mayfair Menage
by Viola Morne

A disillusioned rake with a shameful secret. A beautiful woman, hiding her passionate nature. A soldier, who has given everything for his country.
Jane Vernon buried her sexual appetite for years while married to a cold and distant man. She returns to her father’s house as a penniless widow and begins volunteering at a London hospital. While nursing injured soldiers, Jane’s passion is suddenly sparked by the beautiful officer in her care. The problem? First, he’s unconscious-and then he disappears.
A chance encounter with the Earl of Shevington follows. He is a man bent only on his own pleasure, but his caresses further fan the flames of Jane’s awakening desires. Scandal threatens and Jane is once again stuck in a marriage of convenience. Her new husband incites her cravings even while she endures his stern discipline, but she cannot trust a man like him with her heart.
When her soldier unexpectedly returns to her life, Jane must face her deepest fears-and accept her darkest desires.
Publisher’s Warning: Contains scenes with elements of BDSM, ménage, and graphic sex.
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Freezer Burn by Susannah Shannon

All her life Lucy has dreamed of being spanked, but she’s never had the courage to share her desire with anyone. After striking up an Internet friendship with the blogger of The Well-Spanked Feminist, she has finally gained the courage to tell her husband. But before she can, a sudden job opportunity has uprooted the couple and, with one week notice, sent them to live in Sweden the day after Christmas.
As Lucy enjoys the challenge of living in a very different environment, she’s trying to figure out how to open the conversation with her husband. After consuming way too much wine at the home of Nick’s new boss, Lucy is presented with the perfect opportunity to confess her needs. Will she be able to follow through? How will Nick react?
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