She wants him. He wants her. Why aren’t they together?

Kathryn Ellis adores Finley Harman, ever since they met at Zac and Mollie’s wedding.

Finley worships the cheeky girl. But he is eleven years her senior, and he wants to be confident the girl loves him too, that it’s not just a girlish infatuation which will fizzle out in a few months. And in his thoughts, young ladies are notoriously flighty. He doesn’t want to expose his heart, thus he holds back.

Kathryn has other ideas, and she wants him badly. The man needs a push, and with her friend Mollie, the two concoct a plan to give Finley the push he needs to declare his love to her.

When a woman from the past comes back to haunt them, will Finley be able to save his precious girl?

Book two in The Trouble With Mollie series, this book can be read as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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“Fine. Let’s see if this will loosen your tongue.” He grabbed her flapping arms by her wrists, with one hand, and placed them behind her back, while with the other, he pulled her panties down to her knees. He pinched her red buttocks roughly, and she shrieked, threatening to cut his manly parts, but then with his open palm raised high above his head, he landed a hard smack down on each buttock. Swoosh! Boom! The sound reverberated in the room—flesh meeting flesh.

Her breath hitched at the pain. “Ouch! Ouch! Stop. Put me down.”

“Where has Kat gone?”

“None of your business, you moron!”

He spanked her again, twice on each round, pert half-globe that were her delicious buttocks, harder. Her bottom stung, with red hand imprints. The creamy, rosy complexion of her firm backside had big red fingers shaped on it, and he liked it that way. And he did it again!

Her ass was on fire by now. “You are insane; let me go, I won’t tell you. No.” The stinging on her derriere was intolerable, bringing tears into her eyes. But she wouldn’t let her friend down, even in her misery.

“Fine. I can do this all night, Mollie, your choice.” He smacked her so hard that tears now ran freely.

She didn’t have a chance. He was determined to pull the information out of her. In Zac’s mind, his wife would soon find out she had no right interfering in this situation. So more whacks crashed on her round, gorgeous, pert ass.

She struggled to free her hands, but he had them firmly clasped in his. Mollie could not move.

She protested wildly, calling him all names under the sun, very few apt to a lady’s ears, let alone that came from a lady’s mouth, while he smacked her cute little ass harder, again and again.

Her backside was beyond fiery red. She was in hell. It stung and hurt, with tears in her eyes. Outrage and frustration mingled, the more he slapped her butt. The pain built up until she could not bear the stinging anymore, “The Heaven’s Arms, she’s meeting Ethan there,” she blurted out in agony, and he stopped.

She released a heavy sigh, taking a breather.

“Good. Easy, you see. All you had to do was tell me this ten minutes ago—”

“You boorish savage,” she whimpered at him in frustration.