The Pimlico Affair by Sterling Scott

Love, murder, and the disciplined mistress…

When the illegitimate daughter of an heir to England’s throne is accused of murder, Queen Victoria calls upon London Detective Lady Margaret Rowan to investigate. Notwithstanding the Queen’s intentions, Lady Rowan arrests Adelaide de la Tremoille for the murder of her fiancé, Edwin Bartlett.

Confronting Lord John Folkston, Adelaide’s estranged father, Lady Rowan learns of his daughter’s twisted past. However, this reality-based story of sex, domestic discipline, and intrigue begins much earlier. It begins twenty-five years earlier when Lord Folkston commissioned the governor of the Westminster Corrections Facility to secure a suitable female prisoner. A woman suitable for molding into Lord Folkston’s personal sexual companion.

Margaret’s first discovery is that this woman was Adelaide’s mother.

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