“In your search for happiness, Don’t look betwixt the heavens and the seas. Look rather between your shoulders and your knees.”  Molly Cadley, The Pirate’s Daughter.


Royal Navy Captain
Kidnapped and blackmailed into marriage, Captain Devin Winthrop now has a wife. One who’s beautiful, smart, willing in bed, and a pirate’s daughter. And she has a few pirate tendencies of her own.
Set to finish his career with smooth sailing in the Caribbean, Devin knows a storm is coming. Can he raise sail and outrun the dangers, or will he be sunk to the ocean floor?

Captain of Her Destiny
A captain in her papa’s merchant fleet, Mia Cadley doesn’t willingly give up the helm. Nor does she always sail above board.
When her father forces her to wed as a means to protect her, she resists letting her husband become her master and commander. But can she hold course against a tide of pleasure beyond imagining?


Author Interview


Library or Book Store?  Both, first the library to see if the book is what I want then the books store to make it mine forever.

What books would sit beside The Pirate’s Daughter on a shelf at the bookstore? Well if it got moved from the erotic section… Tallships, Basic Seamanship, and Advanced Use of Ropes and Knots.

Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?  Be.. always be

What do you like to collect? Carousels, I have about 200 of them.

If your mood was a song right now, what would be playing? Any of the numerous Sea Chanties I researched but being as it’s the one currently stuck in my head  “Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her” which is actually a song about having to leave the ship that was being sailed and go ashore…. The end of the journey….



Character Interview

The Pirate’s Daughter.

An Interview with Commodore Gregor Dekker, Owner: Wind and Pearl Shipping and Freight Occupation:  Pirate.

I: Ahoy Commodore, permission to come aboard?

GD: Aye, and welcome on The Molly.

I: So tell us Commodore, you’re a rather silent character in this story, though you play a huge part especially in getting this ship cast off. Why did you pick Captain Winthrop to marry Mia Cadley?

GD: As I told the navy man, my choices were limited, but even then I didn’t think anyone was better suited for my little siren. I’d been watching him for several years. Put a man on his ship to learn more of him as a captain. But I had the chance to see him once, in a tavern. He intervened on behalf of a serving wench there and while he prevented her being beat by another he gave her quite the dressing down. A good Captain will protect his crew but also not leave them to sail without map and compass, guidance. A good husband will protect and guide his wife and trust her as his first mate.

I: You blackmailed a man in order to make him wed your only child and you were not worried that he would take that out on her? How could you know it?

GD: I couldn’t, though again I knew him to be even keeled. Better though, I know my daughter. Mia wouldn’t have stood for any abuse. He’d have been overboard with an anchor around his neck on his way to meet Davey Jones if he’d raised a hand in anger to her. But I had a sense they’d suit each other, more in common than not.

I: Mia has always been aware of the circumstances of her birth, does it bother you that your wife didn’t let Mia grow up thinking she was your daughter?

GD: Mia IS my daughter. My Molly crashed hard into the rocks. Her strength was that she was able to sail on even with the damage, her weakness what the bitterness she carried in her hull, heart. What she taught Mia was that romantic love wasn’t enough. What I taught her was that true love was a choice. I loved Molly and respected her as Mia’s mother. Between us both we raised fine woman.

I: Last question. Your goal was to take the wind from Mia’s sails, so to speak, has that changed?

GD: A little. Having the wind spilled out was to prevent her sailing into trouble. Captain Winthrop however, seems to have the ability to set a firm course and hold her to it. As long as she is navigated from harm or heartbreak I couldn’t care if she drifts with the tides or is full ahead at forty knots. Navy man will hold the helm and Mia will sail beside him.

I: Thank you Commodore.

GD: Come about, head to port.



“My little pain pirate,” Devin said then chuckled as he pulled out of her body.

“Devin?” Mia called out, not quite ready to be done with all this.

“Keel over, Mia,” Devin told her and nudged her hip with his hand. “Bow down,” came his next command.

“Captain, have you a mind to sink this ship?” Mia teased as she placed herself as he wanted. She did enjoy this position a great deal.

Devin chuckled again, “I intend to do just that.” His hand settled at the small of her back and with some pressure caused her knees to shift outward, lowering her more than he normally would. “I’m going to ram this cannon straight through your stern.”


About the Author:

Winner of the 2016 Aspen Gold, Heart of Denver RWA Award and two time Nominee of the Best in Spanking Romance Award

Marie Hall is a romantic with an imagination and she uses those skills to both entertain and inform. Because of her love for the written word, she spends her days (and a lot of nights too) creating characters in setting and situations the reader will hopefully love and believe in.

Writing erotica, historical and contemporary, Marie focuses on the complex dynamics of a dominate/submissive relationship and those who consent to live within this structure. Love and respect are always the main theme. The characters she writes grow and develop with each other and because of each other.

When writing historical Marie uses her degree in history to add facts about the time periods she writes and blogs about those facts from time to time. You can find those blogs at cynsitywriting.org.

When she is not writing or blogging (or messing around on social media) she spends time with family, her husband of more than twenty years and her adult daughter. Mostly, though, with her little four legged fur-child, Tuck. They spend time enjoying the contrasting landscape of Western Colorado. With high reaching, jagged and rough peaks and soft sloping valleys it is the perfect setting to sit back and think up stories to tell.

Please take the time to enjoy a book. Books open doors in life, takes you to places or times you may never have known and lift your spirit.

Be Safe,

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