Elizabeth is shaken when Damon lands in a coma after crashing his car as he was racing to her, but she is happy that he’s alive and believes everything will turn out okay. However, as time stretches and then begins to run out, Elizabeth, Damon’s family, and his employees wait for signs that he will recover. Elizabeth divides her days between her gallery and Damon’s bedside, convinced that he can hear her as she wills him to come back.

When he does awaken, it appears that he has blocked out parts of his memory and struggles to break through the final barriers that will return him to his normal life. One of his doctors pushes him to examine his behavior, which results in his determination to change his life. In doing so, he becomes closer to his family as well as to Elizabeth and their child.

Will Elizabeth and Damon find a way to build a life together? Will Damon push through his fears to find freedom? And after all they have been through, will they be content with their choices and find their happily ever after?

Publisher’s Note: This is a steamy, contemporary romance with graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.


Elizabeth curled up on the living room sofa, licking the last of the fresh strawberry ice cream off her spoon. Damon moved closer and ran his thumb across her lips, catching the drip that escaped the corner of her mouth. Before he could remove his hand, Elizabeth caught his wrist and sucked his thumb deep into her mouth. Her pupils dilated with arousal as she gazed into his eyes.

Damon growled, “Come with me to the playroom.”

There, Elizabeth reclined naked on the playroom’s sofa watching Damon undress. She never grew tired of admiring his toned body, six-pack abs, strong arms and legs, his happy trail and his penis that seemed to have a mind of its own whenever it sprang from his boxer shorts. She ran her tongue over her upper lip, matching the look of desire she saw in his eyes. They reached for each other at the same time, Damon winding her legs around his waist and sliding her slick vagina around his penis. She wove her arms tightly around his neck as he thrust up and down. Several swats on her ass sent pleasurable sensations to her clit and she moaned, trying to get closer.

Damon walked her to the bed in the room, seating them on it. Still inside her, he laved her nipples with his mouth and attached nipple clamps. Elizabeth gazed into his eyes, feeling the pain but knowing the pleasure that was to come. He held her, feeling his own arousal build, and circled her clit, hearing her panting increase as she searched for her release.

“Come with me, baby,” Damon said as his balls tightened and his cum filled her vagina.

Her core tightened around him. “Yes, yes,” she said as he pulled off first one and then the other nipple clamp as she came.

“You are so beautiful, baby,” he said as he massaged her breasts and laid her on her side. “You are everything I desire and want. Let’s get you into a shower and cleaned up before I tuck you in for a good night’s sleep.”

Later, when Damon tucked her into bed and was placing a kiss on her forehead before leaving, she grabbed his hand and said, “You’re everything I desire and want, Sir. I hope we can find a way for us to be together.”

“I hope so too, angel,” he said before leaving her suite.

Author’s Note

Writing the Choices trilogy has been an exciting and enriching experience. Learning about a lifestyle that was different from mine opened my eyes to what can be a deeply satisfying and loving commitment. Inspiration came as I searched for relationships that did not meet traditional definitions. We all make choices in our lives. Some of the most rewarding are those that align with our values and push us beyond our comfort zone. I hope you enjoy the Choices trilogy as Elizabeth and Damon make their choices, find their balance and live happily ever after.