Her cruel husband has confined her in a tower. Her only chance of getting out: two Russian billionaire brothers who each want to possess her alone. 

Handsome, dominant Russian airline billionaire, Alexandrov Romanovich, is on a quest in the Scottish castle home of genius aircraft designer and billionaire in her own right, Diana Logan, to find out why her cruel husband has confined her in a tower and pretends she is a recluse. He wants to rescue Diana and rekindle an attraction that started three years ago when they met at a conference. There is just one thing stopping him: his estranged, younger, billionaire brother, Ilya, who has the same intentions and is determined to get to Diana first.

When both men enter the locked tower, they find the beautiful genius has been confined in the room for three years to enable her gambling, adulterous husband to control her company and involve himself with the Russian Mafia. The billionaires realize they must put their feud aside and work together to rescue Diana. Neither will let the other possess her alone.

Diana is strongly attracted to the dominant men who fall in love with her – who are eager for her to submit to their will – and finds she needs to be loved by both brothers together.

The Russian billionaires must take control and help Diana heal from her ordeal – but they require her complete submission to do so.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary billionaire romance has elements of ménage and power exchange.


Alexandrov Romanovich did not tolerate greed amongst his staff. He had given the woman more than a fair price for the work she had accomplished but she wanted more and was determined to hold back what he needed from her until he capitulated to her demands. With a sharp tug of her arm he pulled the young, blonde woman neatly over his knee for a lesson she would never forget. She wriggled and cursed him in Russian, but he paid her remarks no heed as he calmly, methodically pulled the skirt of her pretty, white summer dress up and over her bottom. Normally he would have rested the garment around her waist while pulling down her panties to deliver a firm bare bottom spanking, but he needed to know if she had the object he had asked her to retrieve on her person. He continued moving the dress up and over her body until it fell over her head as she dangled over his knee blocking her view of what he was about to do next.

Quickly, he undid the catch of her lacy bra and pulled the straps part of the way down her arms. Moving his hands underneath her body, he swept them lightly over the curve and swell of each breast still partly encased in the bra to check she had not hidden it there. The girl gave a shocked gasp but she need not have worried at that point. He had no intention of arousing her. His handsome features were stern as he continued his strip search of the girl moving to check inside the front of her thong panties, already exposing the flesh of her helpless pale rump for the spanking he would soon deliver.

To check for the object, he cupped her pussy still confined within her underwear and squeezed. He heard her give a surprised moan of pleasure and knowing she was relaxed, he dipped his hand in to the side of the panties and swept it over the neatly groomed, tight curls of her pussy pushing and bouncing against his fingers. Nothing. Alexandrov removed his hand and decided he would have to spank the information out of her.

He tucked his fingers inside the gusset of her panties and with a sharp rough tug that decimated the material, he pulled them down and away from her body tossing the remnants to the floor in one fluid motion that left her panting for breath. He placed his palm over one bottom cheek as though to centre her and give the girl one last chance to cooperate before he slapped her bottom red.

“Maruska, I have been patient with you,” he began in his dark velvet, caressing Russian accent, seductively circling the tips of his fingers over her soft delicate skin. “Where have you hidden the key to Diana Logan’s room?”

About the Author

Cordelia Gregory writes daring erotic romance with a thriller twist, filling her books with sexy dominant dangerous heroes.  She also pens novels under the name of Arabella Kingsley and will be creating sizzling sci fi Romance as Serena Douglas in the near future. Her favourite genres are erotic romance, paranormal Romance, romantic suspense, sci fi romance and steampunk.

Cordelia was born and bred in the North of the UK on the East Coast where the popular Detective series Vera is filmed.  She now lives in rural county of Hertfordshire in the South dubbed the Hollywood of England where many movies have been made.  It also provides the backdrop for Midsomer Murders. She holds a History BA (Hons), a History MA as well as numerous legal and Holistic qualifications.

A self-confessed Trekkie, Cordelia also has a passion for the paranormal being able to physically see spirits and communicate with them, something which often influences her writing.  Favourite TV shows range from, Bodyguard, Line of Duty to Project Blue Book and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Website:  www.lustthat.com

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