Born to be Broken
Author: Addison Cain
Publisher: Blushing Books

Release Date: June 2016
ISBN: 9781682596

Book 2 of Alpha’s Claim
Book Genre: Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Horror Romance, Urban Fantasy

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Born to be Broken

Book Reviewed by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
[ Review Posted: Jun 27, 2016 ] – See all my reviews
BORN TO BE BROKEN by Addison Cain is story two and picks up where book one leaves off in the Alpha’s Claim trilogy, when Claire agrees to return with Shepherd. This story gives us a much stronger Claire. While she is broken in many ways, you get these glimpses of a fire in her as she fights to save those most dear to her. Shepherd is much kinder to her. I don’t know if it’s because she’s pregnant or if he’s simply softening toward her, but he seems to have a better understanding of how to treat her.

Likes: The story’s overall edginess. The post-apocalyptic nature to it. The author does a much better job of feeding the readers details about what’s going on and through Shepherd, we get a much better idea of what has happened, although Claire seems to be stubbornly holding on to an ideal that may never have existed. I really enjoyed seeing more of Jules and the addition of Maryanne as a means to get Claire to see things as they really are. The little bits with Shepherd searching for things that would please Claire and the small details (her favorite color, his favorite color) are just fantastic.

Dislikes: Claire’s stubborn refusal to see anything the way it truly is and her insistence on harboring dated thoughts/ideals. So quickly, I found myself rooting for Shepherd and hoping that she would wake up and see what was really going on.

These aren’t easy stories to read. The psychological aspects coupled with the violence and the world they live in might make some readers uncomfortable. The sex scenes are much less harsh, physically, but the emotional turmoil is still there. And Addison Cain does a great job in this book of preparing us for the climax that is to come in the third book. Well done!

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