Born to be Bound



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When we first meet Claire, she’s about to do the unthinkable. Terrifyingly unthinkable. With a strong desire to save her Omega sisters, she makes her way into the Tholos Citadel to seek help from the one man (the Shepherd) who created this new world order in BORN TO BE BOUND, Book One in the Alpha’s Claim trilogy by Addison Cain.

This story was difficult for me to read. The violence, emotional trauma, and complete subjugation were hard to process at times, but at the same time, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know more. Forewarned, this is a series, so you only get part of the story. In this case, Claire’s story. So much of it is one-sided that I found myself constantly wondering what Shepherd was thinking. The violence and disdain that shimmered off him was too much not to want to know what made him that way (spoiler, you’ll have to read book two for that). This is not a book with a happily ever after and it is very much on the edgier end of sex including nonconsent.

Likes: The world as it is reminds me of so many post-apocalyptic worlds where our own worst nightmare are the people themselves. The division of alphas, betas and omegas, down to personalities and behaviors was interesting. I enjoyed the psychological aspects of the interactions between the different characters based on their designation.

Dislikes: I’m left with too many questions. The story drops us in the middle of a living nightmare for Claire, one that she had to prepare for and one that I would expect from a book farther along in the series, and not book one. As the author peels away at the many layers that is this story, some of the questions are answered, but not all. My biggest one is, are they human? I know the description indicates that they are, but their behavior is entirely different. And what about Shepherd? A bit of a gift was included at the end of the story (chapter 1 of book two) and that one chapter answered most of my questions much faster, however, I would have appreciated having more hints much sooner.

This book is dark, suspenseful, rife with emotional turmoil, and the sex is dark. It is not light and fluffy. You are warned because it isn’t for everyone. And as much as it is disturbing, it is indeed, a page turner.

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