Nicky French is successful in a job she hates. She’s also hungry for one sexy man, Mick St. Simons, the owner of the Flamingo Rustler – the hottest club in Richmond, Virginia. Between his six-foot-five-inch body, his sultry Australian accent, and his long golden locks, she’s hooked. Too bad she was hurt by her ex so badly she’s unable to trust another man. But Mick is nothing but a playboy, so she keeps him at arm’s length anyway.  

Mick St. Simons may come across as a playboy but things are not what they seem. He’s been hurt in the past and guards his heart. When his bar has some financial difficulties and the need for increased customers, Nicky agrees to help her best friend, Veronica, plan a fund-raising event. The only snag is that Mick wants nothing to do with an event the size they are planning. Nicky is their only hope of convincing him to try. Her method? One hot moment inside a storage room when their chemistry sparks. 

What no one realizes is that Veronica holds a secret which, if discovered, could destroy her friendship with Mick. The only solution is to convince Mick and Nicky that they belong together before the truth is unveiled. Secrets and lies weave a tangled web and friends become embroiled in a heated battle of push and shove, one in which burning desires are revealed. 

Can Nicky put the past behind her, trusting the one man she could love again? Is Mick able to fight the demons he keeps buried deep inside? Or are they both too stubborn to acknowledge what is right in front of them? 

Publisher’s Note: This romance is intended for adults only and includes elements of power exchange, danger, suspense, explicit scenes, elements of ménage, and discipline of adult women. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.