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The destitute Lady Marjorie Hamilton is engaged to the talented scientist, Archibald Westerly. Archie has invented everything from knee-high robotics to the Time Trekker, a machine that will make time travel possible. Will one of Archibald’s inventions restore the Hamilton family fortune?

Archibald’s sponsor, Lord Stefan Cavendish, is as interested in the success of Archie’s inventions as Marjorie and is most unhappy to discover that his protégé has acquired a fiancée to distract him.

When Stefan Cavendish’s Secret Society sends him on a dangerous mission to retrieve some crown jewels, he decides to abduct Marjorie and bring her along on his steam-powered yacht. He reasons that with Marjorie out of the way, Archibald will be free to once again focus on his inventing.

Once at sea, Stefan decides that the young woman is a bit “uppity” and decides to return her to childhood with the help of a formidable bionic nanny who is the Ultimate Spanking Machine.

He does not plan on is falling in love with the beautiful young woman. Or that Marjorie’s help will be necessary to successfully carry out his mission. As Marjorie comes to love Cavendish, she finds that he requires a level of trust and submission that she is not certain she will be able to achieve. But will their budding romance fall to the wayside when Archibald successfully achieves time travel?

WARNING: This erotic time travel adventure has heavy age play elements in which a young woman is subjected to spankings, anal play, humiliation and exposure. If you would find this offensive, please do not purchase.