Ria is spontaneous and has something to say about everything, while Andrew, who grew up in Scotland, is an old-fashioned guy who values honor and discipline. Andrew enjoys Ria’s fun-loving personality and humorous take on life, but when she goes too far, he does what his background taught him to: He takes her over his knee.

Ria is shocked, but she’s even more surprised to discover that Andrew’s discipline has added a whole new dimension of passion and excitement to their love life. Now he doesn’t only take her over his knee to correct his sassy and irreverent girlfriend, he also does it to connect them – to add even more zing to their already close relationship.

Andrew is ready for a permanent commitment, but Ria fears being a ‘Mrs.’ will make her stodgy and dull, so she’s not quite ready to accept a ring. In the meantime, their lives are full of adventure – a dangerous encounter with an ex-lover, a plan to trick Andrew, a job loss and new business, a little dog with a huge wardrobe, a forgotten Harley, and even serious doubts about the relationship itself.
Will their love for each other be enough to bridge the difference in their worlds? How long will Andrew have to wait to get a ring on Ria’s finger?

Publisher’s Note: This romance contains elements of domestic discipline as well as explicit scenes.




In the deepest corners of her soul, she knew that being spanked by Andrew fulfilled something inside her.  There were times that his jaw would set and his eyes would be like two hard lasers, and he’d make her backside sting so badly that all she wanted was for him to stop, and yet, no matter how hard he spanked, when he actually did stop, she always felt a tiny bit bereft.  Mostly she felt relief, but mixed in with it was a small sense of loss, like something really important had just been withdrawn.

She couldn’t explain it, and she would never have admitted it anyway, but when Andrew’s iron arm held her immobile against his hard leg while he spanked her bare bottom, it was like everything else disappeared.  At that moment, there was nothing in her world but feeling—feeling the heat and sting building intolerably in her backside, feeling her femininity awakened in the presence of such clear masculine domination, and feeling a connection with Andrew so deep and intense that it took her breath away.

Afterward she was a new person.  If she was afraid before the spanking, she loved the feelings she experienced when it was over.  She felt soft and feminine, safe and totally cared for, and the passion that infused their sex life was something she’d never before experienced.  After a spanking, she couldn’t get enough of him nor he of her, and the more serious the spanking, the more they craved each other.  Her red bottom was like an aphrodisiac for them both.