Available March 17th

Being pregnant hasn’t moderated Ria’s behavior in the least, and Andrew must become very creative to rein her in while she’s carrying their child. Her plans for the nursery as well as her resolve to stay independent clash with his protectiveness, leading to both humorous and difficult moments for them.

The annual trip to Scotland forces Andrew to think seriously about how to give his child roots in both cultures.
Finally, the birth of their son brings great joy to their families, who come together yet again both to celebrate the next generation of MacNeils and to share the American Thanksgiving tradition with the Scottish side of the family.

How are Ria and Andrew going to keep their future as rich and vibrant as their early years have been? How will they keep the passion alive? The epilogue will give us a peek into their future.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains both explicit scenes and domestic discipline. It’s the fifth and final instalment of the A Scotsman in America series.