Katima Sweets, a scientist at Sweets Incorporated, has her share of problems. Anxiety is the biggest one, but when unknown emails start to plague her life, her father hires the only person she can trust, Arturo Cruz.

Arturo is a bodyguard who will hunt down anyone to protect an innocent life. As the lines begin to blur between them, Katima’s time is running out. When the threat level escalates, Katima needs to make a choice. Will she forfeit her life, or will she fight for the love that has just begun to blossom?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy mafia romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Arturo kissed me like I was water, and he was dying of thirst. I moaned into his mouth and followed him upward. He brought me to the bedroom and walked me backwards to the bed. “Do you trust me?” he grunted. I nodded my head with no hesitation.

He shot me a quick smile. “Lie on your stomach, hands above your head.”

I paused and he raised an eyebrow at me. Trust. That was hard to give, but if anyone had earned mine, it was Arturo. He had never hurt me, unless I counted the time he’d left me for weeks. I shook the thought out of my head; it had no place here. I followed his instructions and waited, holding my breath in anticipation.

Arturo opened a drawer somewhere off to the side of me and then he joined me on the bed. He helped me out of my clothes, his breathing ragged. “You’re so beautiful,” he said reverently.

I felt silk running up my arm and he tugged on my curls lightly, silently asking me to raise my head up. I did, and he slipped the silk over my eyes.

“You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?”

I whimpered into the pillow.

“Leaving the safe house and putting yourself in danger. I need to punish you, don’t I, baby girl?”

My core clamped down on nothing, begging to be filled. I was excited. Hopefully, this would help him stop blaming himself. I think it would also help me. Maybe. Arturo was rubbing my ass with one of his big hands and I shivered below him.

“You can tell me no, and I’ll stop, but try to take your punishment first, okay?”

I nodded my head again and tried to relax. It wasn’t hard, with him massaging my ass, working the kinks out of my body. Time had no meaning as he caressed me, tantalizing me. It was sensual. I floated away.

The first slap was so surprising, I yelped. Arturo’s hand smacked my ass and then soothed the area with his sensual ministrations. He did that for a while until I grew used to it. I was soaking the bed. If this was a punishment, then it wasn’t a good one. Were they supposed to excite me and make me wet? I didn’t think so.

Then it changed. He spanked me rapidly without the reprieve. My ass was on fire, and yet it still felt good. I was lifting myself toward him, begging to be filled. I could feel myself dripping onto the covers. Arturo chuckled behind me. He stopped spanking me and thrust into me, shocking me with his size. He was bigger in this position, which made the stretch burn. I could feel myself hurtling toward that orgasm. It was going to be hard and I knew I was going to scream down the walls. Just as I was falling into the abyss, Arturo stopped moving. I let out a frustrated squeal, realizing what his game was.