The Taming of the Pirate Queen by Victoria Winters

In 1837, the Governor of the Bahamas believes he has driven the pirates out of his islands until his lovely, 18-year-old daughter Abigail disappears from his very own backyard. To his despair, a ransom is paid but the pirate captain dies and the girl never returns home. What would the Governor do if he knew his own daughter had joined ranks with her captors and became a pirate queen?
Abigail Bridges would do anything rather than return home and marry the man her parents have chosen. She decides to join forces with the pirates who have captured her and perseveres to become the mighty pirate queen Gabriel St. James.
Spencer Hanover, the man she had been promised to in marriage, is not easily put off and vows to find his missing fiancée. After 10 years at sea, the pirate queen is shocked when her past catches up with her in a most unexpected way.
Is it possible for a pirate queen to rejoin high society as a propernoblewoman? Or will the call of the open seas take her back to a life of pirating? And is she willing to atone for her past lying bare bottomed over her husband’s lap for the punishments she deserves?
A Very Georgian Christmas by Vanessa Brooks

A seasonal return to Vanessa Brooks’ risqué world of Georgian England. This time we arrive in the 18th century as snow blankets the country at the beginning of the twelve days of Christmas. Featuring characters from her previous novels plus a new introduction to Richard Lancaster and his wife Helen, see our naughty ladies of the Spanked Wives Society preparing to spend the winter festival together. Celebrating Christmas first in two separate stately homes of England, the six couples then co-join for New Year and the wassail on Twelfth night. An intriguing invitation has been issued to the ladies only, a secret ball to be held on New Year’s Day. Mischief and mayhem are afoot as the festive season progresses amid roasted chestnuts, Yule logs and more than a few spankings dealt out to some errant wives! A wonderful read to bring you into the festive mood, ready for your own merry Christmas!

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The Santa Wrangler by Megan McCoy

Losing your job at Christmas sucks. Heather Ryan knows this. Luckily she got an interview that seemed wonderful for a detail oriented, multi-tasker. She didn’t realize that she’d be interviewing with her college roommate’s brother, Ben Thompson, that he actually owned ten stores or that he needed a Santa wrangler. Ben needed someone to coordinate twenty Santas, over 30 days in ten stores. That included elves and photographers and Mrs. Clauses and two nights of pet pictures. While she wasn’t quite sure he wasn’t giving her a pity job, because he knew her back when; she did know that she’d been infatuated with him since she was in college. He’d caught her doing what kids do at parties and blistered her bottom. Why that made her want him, she didn’t know. But no man she dated after had remotely interested her as much as he did. Would he do it again, and how could she find out and still keep this job? Could she convince Ben she was all grown up and ready for real love? Or would the Santas make her so crazed, it just wouldn’t matter?

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