In the summer of 1957, Polly Carrow wins the crown of Miss Orchid in her small town pageant. She becomes the most popular girl in town but soon finds herself in bad company. After a scandal breaks concerning the newly crowned Miss Orchid, her parents are desperate to marry her off. A suitor is chosen for her, lawyer Elijah Robinson.

Elijah is everything Polly is not, responsible, practical, and stern. Unlike her other suitors, Elijah is not wrapped around her little finger, and he is not afraid to discipline his young wife. Polly has become an unwilling bride, but can Elijah make her a happy wife?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy 1950s romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Polly was surprised when Elijah suddenly placed her over his lap and pulled up her dress. She squealed as she started squirming away, but Elijah had a tight grip around her small waist. “Elijah! I’m sorry! I apologized. Why are you spanking me?”

“I am spanking you because we had an agreement,” Elijah replied calmly as he pulled down her panties until they reached her ankles. “You were being deliberately lazy today and you, my dear, deserve a spanking.”

Polly winced as the first slap landed on her upturned bottom, the slapping sound filling the room. Elijah didn’t lecture like the first time he had spanked her. Instead, he just concentrated on spanking her rear. Her bottom jiggled as the slaps rained down on her bottom, slowly turning it a blushing pink as she started squirming.

He alternated between the middle section of her cheeks, then the lower sections and her thighs. Her flesh jiggled as his large palm landed on her bottom in quick succession. Polly started crying as her bottom became hotter and hotter, feeling very much like a naughty little girl. It seemed that his palm had barely left her cheek when it was landing on that section again. After what seemed like an eternity, Elijah gave her one last, hard slap in the middle of her cheeks as she sobbed.

Elijah helped her sit up, but Polly immediately started sliding toward her side so her scorching bottom didn’t touch the couch. She buried her head against his chest, not caring that her mascara was ruining his shirt. He comforted her by rubbing her back slowly until her tears resided. He kissed the top of her head. “There, there, my love, it’s all over.”

“I’m sorry,” Polly hiccupped. “I’m very sorry. Elijah. Are you always going to spank me?”

Elijah kissed her again. “Only when you’ve been naughty. It seems a couple of slaps on your naughty bottom tames the spoiled brat inside you.”

“I’m not a brat.” She sniffed. “And it was more than a couple of slaps.”

“A hot bottom never hurt anyone, especially lazy wives,” Elijah teased as he helped her up and pulled up her cotton panties. She winced when the cotton touched her bottom. “Go clean up, Polly, and get your coat.”

“Where are we going?” she asked, confused.

“Out to dinner. Something tells me that meatloaf is not edible.”