Hunted by sociopaths and loathed by the one man she should never have turned into an enemy, her life is forfeit. Can she find a new life when a killer comes to claim her?

The kitten, Pollyanna Sonnenschein, has made one poor decision after another in life. She is no longer a raven in the Unkindness, she has become the temporary plaything of the butcher Johny Black, and when a Hawk comes to claim her, she assumes the worst.

Rick Curtis, goes against his boss’s better judgment by claiming the cast out raven. Now he’s stuck with a delicious but dangerous pet, and he needs heavy back up to keep her from running away again. She’s probably more trouble than she’s worth, but at least she’s fun in bed.

The gardener, billionaire and international spy who operates as Jenkins, only got in this messy affair as a favor. As he learns more about Polly, he soon realizes she’s an important asset, though she’s also a plague on mankind.

Under Jenkins’ watchful eye, Polly sees an opportunity for a new life and a chance to belong to someone. Can she overcome her animal nature, and submit to the meanest, strictest Daddy in all the land, or will she languish as a plaything for Hawks and others until her dim and fragile light is finally put out?

This is book six in the Billionaire Spy Series, Charlie’s Hawks, and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This dark contemporary romance is intended for adults only. It contains mystery, suspense, danger, adventure, adult themes, sensual scenes, possible triggers for some readers and power exchange.

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“You can be a good girl, when you want to be,” he said, pressing his thumb on her lower lip, and pushing it in for her to suck on. “But you prefer being naughty, don’t you?”

She nodded, still sucking on this thumb.

“You can be as naughty as you like with me, Polly, but always know I will discipline you for misbehaving. Do you understand? Disrespect, bratty behavior, insubordination, and disobedience will earn you a very harsh punishment. Now, I promised I’d lick all your cream, and fuck your little ass, remember?”

She nodded. “Do you still want me to? Now you’ve seen how big I am?”

“Yeth, pleeth,” she said, speaking around his thumb.

“Okay, but then it’s bath, jammies, and nap time. No acting out. No roaming around the house. I’ll come wake you up when nap time is done. If I find you out of bed, you’re going to get a paddling with the big mean brush. Then Daddy Rick is still probably going to take his belt to you tonight. He may do more if he learns you’ve earned three spankings from me. Think about it carefully.”

“Which brush? I only saw a paddle,” Polly said.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Jenkins warned. “I’ll show you during bath time. Now, get on the chair. It’s Daddy’s turn to kneel.”

“It’s a hard wood chair! It’s going to hurt for me to sit down.”

“I know, little one,” Jenkins said. “Do it because I said so, and don’t raise your voice at Daddy.”

Against her better instincts, she did as Jenkins asked and hissed when the rocking chair impacted her aching rear. Soon Jenkins was on his knees between hers, pulling her butt to the end of the chair and draping her legs over the rocker’s arm rests.

“What a pretty little pussy,” he said, parting her lower lips with his fingers. He ran his long tongue from the bottom to the top of her folds. “And so sweet. What a treat for Daddy.”

Jenkins licked her like she was his favorite candy, penetrating her with his long tongue, while sticking a finger in her ass, and rocking the chair. Polly wrapped her fingers in his thick, dark curls, cut long at the top, as he sucked on her labia like they were mandarin slices. Then, suddenly, he bit her lower lips, just a nip but they were so sensitive she felt the bite deep. Polly let out a yip. He soothed the sting with his tongue. When he gripped her clit with his teeth, and licked it, she exploded. Her hips buckled and she slid off the edge of the chair falling right on his face, knocking him on his back.

Jenkins laughed how Polly imagined angels laughing, full and resonant. He flipped her on her back and kissed her belly, blowing bubbles on her tummy and making her giggle too. This time, it was a good laugh, not the hysterical laughter brought on by fear, but a light, free laugh. She felt genuinely happy for a second. Then she started to cry.

“Oh, little girl.” Jenkins wrapped his arms tight around her and sat up with her nestled between his legs on the carpet. Though his frame was lean, she felt strong muscles in his arms and a firm chest, hidden under his black dress shirt. Jenkins smelled like a hearth in winter, all woody, warm and spicy. She found his embrace incredibly soothing. “Your wires are all crossed, aren’t they?” She didn’t have to answer. He knew the truth.“Don’t worry, we’ll get them untangled.” He kissed the top of her head. “We’re all committed to making you better. Luke and Mike may act like they are mad at you—and they have been very mad at you—but they want the best for you too. We’re all going to make you feel right about yourself. So you can laugh at funny things without getting sad. Let us carry the burden for you for a while. We’ll make sure you never fall into a trap or trip over yourself trying to walk a straight line. Okay, baby?”

“Okay,” Polly sniffled.

“We’ll still whip your little ass bright red when you misbehave,” Jenkins warned. “But it’s all for your benefit.”