Charlene ‘Charlie’ Hebron is Earth’s Ambassador to Nitzan. But that’s not all. She’s also in love with Qwin, her legal guardian and Daddy. Professional in the public eye, they have a special, caring relationship behind closed doors. Qwin’s long lost brother, Florian, will be joining their household so she will gain an uncle. 
Now that the Embassy is almost complete and opening soon, Charlie is patiently waiting for her staff to arrive – five professional women from Earth, eager to begin their adventure. However, on their trip there was an act of sabotage to their vessel. Some of the citizens are not happy with the human people living on their planet. 
The Prime Minister is determined to find the culprits. In the meantime, Charlie and her staff try to find ways to improve relations with the locals, all the while following the safety rules in place for the women: strict rules that all the guardians take very seriously.

This is the sequel to His Naughty Human but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of ménage, and power exchange. 

Author Interview

  1. What is your writing process like? Once I get an idea for a story, I work up an outline, which is sometimes quite details; it can run for 10 pages or more! Then I start to write. Typically, I sit in my office at home, put on the TV, and write. However, sometimes that doesn’t work for me. Sitting there, staring at the blank screen, it almost seems to mock me. So, I turn to another method: I use my phone! Yeah, I know that sounds odd, but it works for me. I have a note writing app on my phone, and I’ll sit somewhere – anywhere – and get inspired. I’ll write down a quick line or two. Then I usually have to do something else: my “glamorous” day job, eat lunch, chat etc. and I put the note aside. A short time later, I go back, and pick up where I left off. Some people find this incredible, me able to write like that, but I think it has to do with my autism. It’s just the way my mind works. Then, once I’ve written a couple pages of text, I email it to myself, do a cut and paste into whichever of my books it’s for, and clean it up. Oh, and yeah, I often work on several books at the same time! Just my crazy mixed up brain.
  2. Do you like to listen to music while you write? If so, what kind? It depends on the genre I’m working on. If it’s sci-fi, I find Lady Gaga quite inspiring. If it’s contemporary, I find Billy Joel very soothing and he helps me to find my muse. When I’m writing a really intense sex and/or spanking scene, there’s only one thing I can stand. I crank up Queen and let Freddy inspire me!
  3. Do you have an all-time favorite novel? I have several I like: “Treasure Island” as a classic, “Advise and Consent” for a political thriller and anything by Asimov for sci-fi. However, just recently, I found a book I truly love. It’s a time travel romance/adventure called “The Long Journey Home”. My husband enjoyed the “Outlander” series, found this book, and knew I’d love it as it is set on Martha’s Vineyard, the place I love most. It is now my new all-time favorite novel ever!
  4. What is your favorite genre? Fantasy, as it’s the ultimate in creative freedom. In a fantasy story, you can literally create anything you want – any world, any characters, any attributes or powers for any aspects of the story. I always try to adhere to that old adage: “With great power comes great responsibility.” I know that applies more to a superhero than a writer, but it’s certainly applicable. When you’re a writer and you venture into the fantasy genre, you owe it to your readers to construct a story without any holes. My favorite example of this is the “Lord of the Rings” books. Why didn’t they just have the eagles fly them to Mount Doom or at least most of the way? The Harry Potter books have even more. Why didn’t they use a time turner to go back and stop Voldemorte? For me, as a writer, I try to make sure I don’t leave such holes in my stories.
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I would love to see Italy, the homeland of my mother. To see the architecture, the glory that was ancient Rome, the art of the Renaissance, and the food! Oh, I could spend a year there and not get bored. It’s my hope to one day make that pilgrimage and most especially see the place where my parents were married: the city hall of Florence.
  6. Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Yes, Martha’s Vineyard Island. It is the place of my youth. I grew up spending every summer there, and I never knew what a special place it was until we stopped going after I graduated from college. As a child, my parents had a little gingerbread cottage in a place called “The Campgrounds” and my friends and I spent every summer engaging in all the classic old fashioned fun of childhood. I’m so glad that we’ve now been able to move there, and it is the place I will spend the rest of my life in.
  7. Tea or coffee? Actually, both, depending on my mood. In the morning, I must have my coffee, and my husband knows better than to bother me before I’ve had at least two cups. On the other hand, when I want to relax and just chill, especially on a chilly evening or rainy afternoon, a nice pot of Earl Grey really hits the spot. Oh, and by the way, I was drinking Earl Grey long before Captain Picard! While I am a Trekkie, I don’t tailor my diet to their recommendations.
  8. Tell us about your most adventurous experience. I was eighteen, my husband – then boyfriend – was nineteen, and we thought we were home alone in the cottage. We got a little frisky because I’d been sunbathing up on the roof, and by “roof” I don’t mean a roof deck. No, I was literally on the roof! Our cottage had mostly gabled roofs, but there was one flat section over the playroom, and I could get out on it from a window of my bedroom. So, I often went there to work on my tan. Well, my bf came along and scolded me for lying out there topless. I decided to push him and did the classic: “What do you want to do, spank me?” He did! He sat on the bed, put me over his lap, and did it. Well, it only took about 30 minutes to get me truly hot, and then we went at it. My parents were at the beach and they never came home early – my dad loved to swim. They came home early! Now, the thing you have to know about these cottages is that they’re very small, very simply built, and have paper-thin walls and floors. The joke in the Campgrounds is that it only takes one house per block to have Wi-Fi and everyone can get it, as long as they have the password. The houses are that small and close together! So, the jig was up. We hid in my closet and had to be super-super quiet until my dad got in the shower and mom started the laundry. It was quiet, but it was also so very good. To be honest, I think my mom suspected what we’d been up to. When we showed up in the kitchen, all smiles and breathing hard, she eyed us up and down, grinned, and just gave us the old “Ah-huh” when we responded “Nothing” to her question as to what we’d been up to while they were away. Oh, as for my dad – totally clueless. Typical, am I right?