When she decided to auction her virginity to the highest bidder, she never dreamed it would be purchased by two handsome cowboys.

After losing her family and her home to a devastating fire, Faith MacGregor is forced to go to work in a brothel in order to save her younger sister. She thinks that she’s prepared to become a soiled dove. But when two handsome brothers win the right to claim her virginity and her body for an entire week, she learns things about herself that she never imagined were possible.

Eric McKenzie isn’t looking for love, and he doesn’t expect to ever find a wife. He’s always shared women with his brother, and he’s content using the services of experienced whores. After all, no decent woman would consent to being dominated or shared by two sexual sadists. But when he lays eyes on Faith while she’s being auctioned to the highest bidder, he knows that he’s found the one woman he wants to keep for his own. He’s determined to win her, no matter the cost.

The two brothers use pain and pleasure to teach Faith all about dominance and submission. But with her innocence and courage, she teaches them about love. Eric soon realizes that if he wants to capture her heart, he’ll have to make the hardest choice he’s ever faced.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, historical ménage contains a theme of power exchange.

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“You are not dirty or filthy. You are a beautiful, perfect little soiled dove who happened to be a virgin when I took you the first time. You’ve done nothing wrong; do you hear? All you’ve done is protect your sister and satisfy your men.”

“Ouch! Ow! But don’t you see? I’ve enjoyed being shared by two men. No decent woman would consent to that. It’s my eagerness to satisfy you that makes me such a filthy whore,” she gasped. “Oh, please stop spanking me. That really hurts!”

Eric growled as he spanked her even harder. “That still doesn’t mean you’re filthy or dirty. It’s a good thing that you’re an eager whore. I told you, I wouldn’t have you any other way. There’s no way you could satisfy me and Daniel if you weren’t a whore. But you’re my whore, and no one else’s. You won’t be serving any men other than me and my brother. You’re my perfect, sweet little pain seeking slut, and I wouldn’t change a thing about you. Now, you’re never to talk like that about yourself again, do you understand me, young lady?”

The whole time he was talking, he continued to roast her bottom. It had turned a beautiful scarlet color, and she was sobbing harshly as she hung helpless over his knee.

“Answer me, little dove.”

“Yes,” she cried on a hiccupping sob. She still didn’t believe him, but she didn’t want to keep provoking him, because her bottom was on fire. “I understand. Just please stop spanking me.”

“Promise you won’t ever call yourself dirty or filthy ever again,” he demanded, still spanking her.

“I promise. I promise. Please stop!”

With a final flourish of spanks, he finally relented. As she sobbed quietly, he rubbed her abused posterior with soothing strokes.

“That’s my pretty little darlin’,” he crooned. Eric lifted her onto his lap and kissed her softly on the mouth. He met her eye and used his thumb to wipe her tears away. “Dry your tears, sweetheart. Everything’s going to be just fine. I promise you. Now, I want you to wash your face. We’re going to find ourselves a preacher. Before this day is through, you and I are going to be man and wife.”

Faith searched his face. “Are you sure this is what you really want?” she asked quietly. “I don’t want you to make an impulsive decision and regret it later on. You don’t owe me anything.”

Eric grinned at her. “I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life, my sweet little darlin’. From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. You’re mine, little dove. I have no intention of ever letting you go, and I want you to be my wife.”

Nothing could have dimmed Faith’s happiness in that moment. She could hardly believe that Eric wanted to marry her. When he cleared his voice, she was suddenly worried that he was having second thoughts.

He kissed her forehead and searched her eyes. “But before you give me an answer, I guess I need to tell you exactly what my expectations will be in this marriage. I don’t want you to regret your decision later on, either.”

“All right,” she murmured, looking at him expectantly.

“When you marry me, you will be giving yourself to me permanently. In most respects, you will be like any other married lady. You’ll be my partner in life, and I will value your opinions, especially when it comes to our business. Daniel and I will gladly welcome your help and involvement with running the ranch and dealing with the horses. I’ve already seen that we can learn a lot from you.” Eric cupped her jaw, and his voice dropped to a deep growl. “But when it comes to anything sexual, I will demand your absolute obedience and submission in all things. I will be your master, and you will answer only to me.”

“What about Daniel?” she asked, wide-eyed.

Eric ran his thumb along her lower lip. “You will submit to Daniel too, but only because I demand it of you. You will belong only to me. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, I will be your husband. But behind closed doors, you will answer to both me and Daniel, and you will pleasure both of us just as you have been doing.”

“I see,” Faith murmured.

The rapt expression on her face pleased Eric immensely, and he stroked a finger down her cheek. “You’ve had a small taste of my dominance over the past couple of nights, but I’m warning you, that was just the beginning of what I will expect from you. As my wife, you can expect that things will be much more challenging for you.”

“What do you mean exactly?” she whispered, swallowing hard. The implicit threat in his words made her clit throb.

“It means that I’ve gone easy on you so far. I haven’t yet shown you just how cruel and sadistic I can be, Faith. But you should understand that I intend to hurt you frequently. I’ll push you to the very limits of your endurance for pain, and I’ll enjoy watching you suffer.”

Faith shivered with arousal. Her pulse was racing, and her nipples were drawn into painfully tight nubs. There was so much moisture trickling from her slit that she worried she would leave a wet patch on his pant leg. She remembered all the ways they had hurt her, and she frowned thoughtfully. “Are you saying that the pain you inflict will be worse or just more frequent than what you’ve already done?”