Living a lonely and unhappy life on the Planet Venem, Merilee Black, a slender beauty with long blonde hair, decided desperate times called for desperate measures. She needed a new life and the Common Swallow Woods would be her only answer. This leap of faith, however, would change her life dramatically – she hoped, for the best.

Imagine his surprise, while hunting in the Receiver Woods, when Steele Dread stumbled across a gorgeous woman. The tall, broad-shouldered clan leader hadn’t expected the gods to answer his prayers for a woman so quickly. His clan of five would be very pleased with the prize he brought home this night.

Five men – each one tall, muscular, brutish and extremely stern – would claim the violet-eyed woman, teaching her their ways. Would Merilee submit completely to the Diviljak men on this male-dominated planet? Would they survive a traumatic event that could change their love forever?

Publisher’s Note: This dark, steamy, science-fiction reverse harem romance contains elements of power exchange.




There were few things in the universe that made a man happier than knowing that his dominance and power over a woman caused her mortification. And then on the flip side, the guilt of feeling that way and not seeing a need to stop the process, either.

“That’s enough of your whining, urchin.”

“But, it’s my fucking body!”

Steele weaved his fingers into her hair, squeezing and tugging on the roots. “Stop.” He watched her quiet, her eyes widening, and he then whispered, “Breathe.”

Obediently, she pulled in a deep breath.

“Good girl.” He tugged on the roots gently. “It’s okay to whine or cry when necessary, but you’ll not whimper as a spoiled child.

“Y-yes, sir.”

Releasing his tight hold, Steele stood erect again, hands on his hips, cock throbbing with need.

Nash elbowed him in the ribs. “I think you’ve scared her a bit, Steele.”

“Good. It never hurts a girl to know her boundaries. I hate sniveling brats. It’s difficult to discern what’s real pain and whining unless you set firm guidelines.” He dipped his chin toward Merilee. “We’ve come to an adult agreement, right?”

“Yes, s-sir.”

Nash grabbed the flange end of the plug, his large fingers brushing along the soft, plump cheeks of her bottom, and tugged on the glass, testing the sphincter.

“Ohhh. Uhm…that was…odd.”

Nash chuckled. “Yes, it’s an odd sensation. One you’ll become used to quickly in this house.”

Her eyebrows furrowed, her lip protruding minutely.

“Tsk, tsk, Merilee. We’ll let you adjust a little at a time, but be forewarned, a look like that in a couple weeks will land you in trouble.”

“No worries for today, girl. Nash is trying to scare you. Tonight, is about pleasure.”

“But—” Merilee struggled with the restraints. “I’m tied up and can’t move, how will I enjoy myself?”

“You’re about to find out, sweetheart.” Steele crawled up the bed, pressing his nose between her labia and flicking her clit with his tongue.

“Oh-ohhh!” Her body stiffened, her hips thrusting upward as much as the ties would allow.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Just like that.” He dipped his tongue into the well of her sex, swirling along the slick skin, lapping up her arousal. “Fuck, girl, you’re sweet as honey.”

“Oh, dear God.”

Nash chuckled, lying by her side, enveloping her areola within his mouth, sucking deeply.

Fluttering his tongue along the crevice of her sex, Steele nibbled and suckled, reveling in the thrashing their girl was doing on the bed.

Merilee’s keening filled the room, and he knew without a doubt that the men in the other room could hear her pleas and shouts of ecstasy. If he knew his friends, which Steele was confident he did, all of them were sitting with their cocks out, eyes closed, imagining that they were with her instead of Nash and him.