The latest editions to the Blushing Books online store will appeal to all your time zones, and one other zone as well. 😉

Mona Whitlock’s Judgement Day fast forwards you to the year of 3045 and follows the trials and tribulations of Seven Rivers, an unconventional rebel in a futuristic, patriarchal society. Seven can’t stop defying authority, and after one misstep too many finds herself facing a controversial punishment. Seven will be sent back in time to live the lives of submissive women so that she can better understand how to be one in the present.

But when the process, known as a “capture” goes awry, it is up to the man who loves her to find a way to help. But to Silas, the fiery rebel is worth the risk. And if he doesn’t die trying save her he vows to tame her himself.

If you prefer to stay in the present, then check out Look Twice by Joanne Locker. Sam Greene is sure the woman he spots in Starbucks is his long-lost love, Kathy, even if they don’t look exactly alike. But she claims her name is Jenny and that his is a case of mistaken identity. Sam’s not buying it, and is prepared to get an honest answer, even if he has to spank the truth out of this Mystery Woman.

Later, you can ride off into the sunset with our two new Westerns, one historical and one contemporary. Chula Stone’s Byrds of a Feather revises characters popularized in A Stitch in Time, A Byrd in the Hand and Good Fences. In Bet Your Boots by Starla Kaye, sparks fly when romance therapist Mandie James sets up a couples retreat on the ranch of twice-divorced rugged former bull rider Cole Whitlock.

Sound like fun? Of course they do! And with summer in full swing, just think how much more enjoyable those poolside hours will be with some hot new Blushing Books fiction on that e-reader. So zap or mosey on over to our storefront today!