Thoughts On Publishing- Topic 3


I’m a card carrying introvert and hate big groups, meeting people and introducing myself. I probably come across as standoffish and cool (not like in a Danny Zuko ‘cool’), but in a stay away kind of vibe. So when being a writer requires actually meeting readers (aka fans), then you have to be personable and collect them. That means talking to them. That doesn’t always mean at an event standing in front of them and chatting.


Thankfully, we have the lovely Internet which allows me to become friends with the world while safely in my pajamas at my desk. But, it also means you have to filter out the weirdo creepy guys who ‘Poke’ you on Facebook but want to poke you in real life. Those guys aside, fans are the people who buy your books–and beating you over the head with what I’m repeating from my previous topics: the more books you sell, the more money you make.


So back to that face-to-face chat—Can you take a five minute chat with Betsy Sue Reader and have it distributed to thousands and thousands and thousands of people? Nope. It’s a good option, but not fast, efficient or broad enough. It takes TOO MUCH TIME. (**Yes, I hope to be at the Blushing Conference in August. Yes, it’s a good thing talking to people face-to-face. But is anyone going to be writing while they’re there? Yeah, me neither, which means I’m not being prolific- Topic 1)


What’s one of the easiest ways to reach tons and tons of people? (just one because this post needs to be reasonably short) TWITTER


Twitter is a lot like Mary Kay. You have a follower. You send her a tweet. She retweets it to her followers. One of her followers retweets it to all of her followers and so on. It’s like a great big Christmas tree and you’re the star at the top. I have 10,000 or so followers right now. So if I retweet one of your tweets, then it will go out to my 10,000 people without you having to do anything. Yup. One tweet of yours can be sent out exponentially!


Does it mean you’ll get exponential book sales? Probably not, but you will get visibility, and that’s half the battle. Making it EASY to Tweet is crucial because if you’re spending all your time Tweeting, then Topic 1 (Be Prolific) isn’t going to happen. You don’t want to sit in front of Twitter all day typing Tweet after Tweet. That’s insane!


Does Twitter really work? Yes. Can you prove it? Yes. How? Standby for that, but first, you need to get going on Twitter. Here are some EASY, EFFICIENT steps:


  1. Twitter Followers- If you’ve got 30 Followers who are all your best friends, you need more. Lots more. Seriously. LOTS MORE.



Use a site such as This gets you targeted followers interested in your niche (books/erotic/spanking, for example)


Or, for about $125 you can buy 25,000 followers. But, they could be a car dealer out of Singapore or a fake account.


  1. You’ve got tons of followers. Now what? TWEET!



Use a program such as Hootsuite that allows you to batch upload. Hootsuite allows for 50 batch Tweets to be uploaded a day, for a total of 250. It could be 1 a day for 250 days or 50 a day for 5 days. Your choice. I do 50 for 5 days because I want to get OUT THERE! I create a spreadsheet with my 50 Tweets and upload it to Hootsuite, just changing the date. This means I just have to spend about 10 minutes every 5 days to do my Tweeting through Hootsuite. That’s it.


  1. How do you know it’s working? URL SHORTENER!!


Using a shortener like Google URL shortener or Bitly allows you to track clicks. This is important because it shows Follower interest, possibly even sales. You can even make several shortened URLs for the same book. For example, one for Tweets, one for Facebook, one for your Web site. One for contests. You can easily track what kind of marketing is the most successful for you.


I said I could prove Twitter worked. I spent time–efficient time–collecting focused Followers. I spent time making one 50 tweet document (with shortened URL’s) and now spend 10 minutes every 5 days uploading it. Up front pain for long term gain (that sounds like a football coach’s line, but it works here)


Because of this effort, as I write this, I can see on my Google URL Shortener chart that the Taming Tessa shortened URL I use for Twitter has been clicked 3007 times. If I didn’t use a shortened URL I would never know this.


If I never used Twitter, I would not have had 3007 clicks to my book sales page. That’s a lot to miss out on.


When you’re at the Blushing Conference with me in August (I’ll be the one having introvert sensory overload), I’ll still be having my 50 Tweets go out automatically, reaching those tens of thousands of possible reader/fans while we chat. Will you!?


So remember this: Don’t think of meeting readers/fans as literally ‘meeting’ them face to face. This is like running a presidential campaign. Even the president can’t pull it off handshake by handshake. BE EFFICIENT, BE SMART, BE FAST. One way is to Tweet. Tweet. Tweet!


Of course, the next topic is more Marketing, because really–it’s insane.