The Counterfeit Confederate by Sterling Scott

Confederate scientist. Union Spy. Illicit lust.
Emily Tidwell crosses the Atlantic disguised as a Southern Belle to determine the nature of a secret weapon being developed by Confederate sympathizers in London.
Emily’s calamities aboard ship begin the first evening when she is discovered snooping in the ship’s engine room. Following her introduction to the English practice of spanking wayward females, Lieutenant James Anderson is determined to keep a very watchful eye on the wandering girl. However, she just can’t stay out of trouble! While James fails to tame the spirited young woman, he manages to win her heart.
Once in London, she finds the Confederate scientist, but has little success keeping her sore bottom protected when a counter conspiracy develops. Will she survive long enough for Lieutenant Anderson’s return? Or will she become another casualty of one of the bloodiest wars the world had ever seen?
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A Christmas to Remember by Joannie Kay

A Christmas to Remember contains seven short stories, all filled with love of the season, and all of them contain naughty ladies who require a sound spanking to make the holiday happy.
In A Hard Candy Christmas Carrie learns the true meaning of Christmas from her Scrooge of a boss.
In The Christmas Doll, Luke promises himself that if he ever spots the woman who kicked him on his bad knee and stole THE doll from his hands, he was going to turn her bottom a bright red.
James gives Callie a spanking in Pre-Christmas Stresses for telling him she got a speeding ticket, and when she tells him it was a joke, he adds lying to the list of reasons to spank her.
In A Christmas Smile, Reni and Daniel, high school sweethearts, find each other again.
Ivy and David reunite after a lonely five month separation in A Christmas Apology.
In A Christmas to Remember, Jill is determined to host a Christmas Dinner that everyone will remember for years, and her husband is just as determined to keep his loving wife from overdoing and going through another bought of exhaustion.
These short stories will have you looking forward to a Merry Christmas, and maybe looking forward to getting your own spanking for Christmas!
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If you missed downloading any of the 12 Days of Christmas stories, now is your chance to have the entire collection in one volume!
A Captain for Christmas by Louise Taylor
Hurling mulled wine at a decorated war hero does nothing to help Lady Serena Olston’s tenuous reputation. She returns to her family’s London home, furious with both Captain Jonathan Luttrell and herself. A huge snowstorm threatens to trap Serena there, just as Captain Luttrell arrives, determined to get to the bottom of their problems. Once he’s dealt with the issue of his ruined uniform, that is!
What Mistletoe is For by Kira Barcelo
Balancing holiday preparations with her work as a nurse midwife, Casey Jordan-Minter is surprised when tall, lean and irresistible Preston Fuller steps back into her life. They haven’t seen each other in years! She doesn’t need another man in her life, but Preston reclaims every part of her heart that had once belonged to him. Will their love get a second chance?
Daphne’s Christmas Flame by Carol Storm
Glamorous London model Daphne Hart is happy to take a winter job in sunny San Reynaldo, her childhood home, but an old flame has a Christmas surprise for her! No longer a poor stable-hand, the powerful South American leader is obsessed with reclaiming her for his own!
A Quiet Christmas Alone – Kinda by Misty Malone
Todd Henderson couldn’t face another Christmas, so he escaped to his mountain cabin.
Lucy Crider was feeling sorry for herself. She didn’t feel up to facing her family, so she went to hide out at her cousin’s cabin. Their paths crossed when her car got stuck in the snow. Can they find a way to make a quiet Christmas a good Christmas?
Frozen Kisses by Allison West
Alec has little to look forward for Christmas, until he opens his home to a stranded motorist – the alluring Becca Carter. She’s beautiful and strangely familiar, but he can’t pinpoint where he knows her. Breaking the ice is never easy and after several spankings, Becca soon learns that Alec may just hold the key to her heart.
Santa, Sir by Rayanna Jamison
Becca knew she should be focused on bridging the growing gap between her and her new husband, but ever since she witnessed her sister-in-law getting spanked, she can’t seem to get the idea of Mase spanking her out of her head.
His Winter Princess by Adaline Raine
Wealthy widower Clay Lawson invites Audra to serve refreshments at his winter party.
He neglects to mention that he and his friends believe in spanking their wives or girlfriends as necessary.
Training Mrs. C by Isabella Kole
Married to the handsome, sexy son of Santa, Nick Claus, Catie and her husband are being groomed to become the royal couple of the North Pole, the next Santa and Mrs. Claus. Does she have it in her to take over the reins, or will it be too much for her?
Wrapping up Christmas by Ashlynn Kenzie
Newlyweds approach their first Christmas together with excitement, but also trepidation. Heads up for readers: The solution for the Top comes from having a Bottom up.
Lady Knight and the Dungeon by Sterling Rose
When lady knight Sophia Rosalind lands herself a long shift of dungeon duty, the only entertainment to be found is a handsome prisoner with many tales to tell. They discover they have much in common and form a friendship – but their first night must also be their last, for he has a date with the executioner!
The Christmas Cabin by Beth Bennett
Jenna O’Rourke planned to spend Christmas in a cabin in the Rockies, but crashes her car into a tree in a snowstorm. The local Sheriff rescues her and she soon finds herself ensconced in his warm log cabin. Sometimes the best way to spend Christmas is the way you least expect.
Blackmail for Christmas by Bryony Kildare

When Charles discovers Kate’s secret on Christmas Eve, he’s devastated by his wife’s lack of trust. He decides to give her a spanking to teach her that he is the head of their house. Can they move past the breach of trust, or will the sins of the past destroy their Chris

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