Detective Jess Parker is furious when she’s given babysitting duty for a farmer who witnessed a murder committed by the spoiled son of the city’s most notorious crime family.

Michael Weatherford is refusing to give up milking his cows and allow the department to hide him until he has testified against Antonio Carboni. No, the fool man prefers his cows, but Jess hates everything about farming! She grew up milking cows in the freezing cold, and missing out on everything her friends did because she had chores to do. She is not happy with the assignment.

Michael can’t believe his ears when the tiny redhead calls him a “stupid farmer” for standing out in the open when she pulled into his driveway. He’s worked as a special ops officer for quite a few years, and he knows what he is doing. He also doesn’t need a tiny city girl in four-inch heels to protect him. She will stand out like a sore thumb on his farm, and no one who knows a thing about farming would think she belongs there.

But once he sees her in her work clothes, Michael realizes he’s made a grievous error in judgment. She knows how to muck out stalls better than he does! Jess realizes that she’s underestimated the farmer as well; he believes in time honored traditions, and that includes old-fashioned discipline. Jess knows she’s in love, but can she protect Michael and keep him alive now that she’s found a man she can love and respect?