No journey is without its hitches and no destination is reached without overcoming obstacles along the way.

Three generations of earls of Cumberwell, from Regency times through the Victorian era, take Arabella, Dorothea and Lilian on a journey of passion and delight.

Arabella is stunned when her uncle brings the young, handsome and suave earl of Cumberwell to Linwood Manor. She is swept up into the earl’s world but his sophistication and her naivety must be challenged so that their love can flourish.

Dorothea is a governess to the earl of Cumberwell’s daughter, but her sylph-like charm disrupts his tranquil world. She harbors a secret that threatens to rip their love apart. Can their love weather the ravages of the past and the social difficulties of Victorian England?

Lilian has led a quiet, mundane life, but her world is turned upside-down when the earl of Cumberwell arrives with her childhood friend, Thomas. Secrets and surprises sweep her along the road to passion and pleasure.

Three generations of young women discover that the road to love is a bumpy ride, but ultimately find their happy-ever-afters.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance collection includes Arabella’s Journey, Dorothea’s Quest, and Lilian’s Voyage. These previously published stories contain elements of power exchange.

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He could see the nipples harden the closer he drew to them, how they darkened from the dusky pink he had first seen when he discarded her corset, to the bright raspberry pink they now were. He chuckled. He could not wait to draw those scrumptious peaks into his mouth. Hearing a deeper moan escape from Arabella’s throat, he looked into her eyes. She was suffused in pleasure, but had seemed to forget how to breathe. He chuckled again.

“Bella, my Bella, my pretty pet. Look at me. Open your eyes and look at me.”

Arabella vaguely heard Edmund’s voice calling to her. It seemed to come from a long, long way. Her breasts ached but she did not want the pleasure of his caresses to cease. “More.” She murmured against his shirt and arched into him. Edmund slipped his arm around her waist and removed his other hand from her breast.

“Bella!” His voice was sterner now. “No more until you listen to me.” Arabella’s eyes flew open and stared into his, aghast at the removal of her pleasure.

“Please,” she whispered. “Please don’t stop.” Her breasts ached with desire for his touch.

Edmund’s eyes raked over her as she stood before him. Her skin glowed pink with the pleasure she felt. Her eyes were so enflamed with passion that the color had almost been swallowed up by the dark irises. Her wanton innocence and vulnerable sensuality shot straight to Edmund’s cock, making it strain even more in his already uncomfortable trousers. It was harder than the toughest steel and was about to break through the tailored seam of the finely textured wool.