Allegra had been enamored of Enzo since she was thirteen years old and he worked for her crime boss father.

Now, years later, her father is gone, and she is attempting to keep the family business afloat, and Enzo has moved on to form his own, powerful crime family.

When she chooses to take bad advice from her second in command, Frank, and cross her now rival, Enzo takes matters into his own hands. But he soon finds that he wants more—not just her business—he wants Ally. And when it comes to protecting what is his, he will stop at nothing.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, contemporary Mafia romance contains scenes of power exchange. Do not read if this is offensive to you.

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Stubborn wench! She was already quite well tended to, and he hadn’t even begun the punishment she’d been brought here for! A part of Enzo wanted to put that session off, but he knew he couldn’t. He had told her he would spank her if she disobeyed him and he always followed through on everything he promised, discipline especially. The extra swats she’d accumulated were entirely her own fault, and he wasn’t going to extend any sympathy to anyone who acted like a spoiled brat when she clearly knew the consequences.

So, he steeled himself and began again in earnest, letting her distressed cries and the abject tears that inevitably followed fall ineffectually around him as his hand marched relentlessly up and down skin that, by the time he was through, was a much deeper, even more painful looking red than the cherry he’d told her she could expect.

Eventually, he began to stop occasionally to ask her if she wanted to promise him that it would never, ever happen again, but she was at least as stubborn as she was intriguing, and he could feel her clenching her teeth so that his inquiry was met with a stubborn silence—if one frequently interrupted by gulping and sobbing and hiccupping.

Towards the end, she wasn’t even protesting much, just moaning and weeping piteously each time his hand made contact with her roasted backside.

Until, finally, she flung a hand up onto her behind—displaying all five fingers instead of just one this time—careless that she might end up on her head from lack of support, barely breathing, “Stop, please. Stop.”

Enzo halted, but he kept his spanking hand over the crest of her feverish cheeks, asking in a deliberately scolding tone, “Is there something you want to say to me, Allegra?”

Want was not exactly how she’d describe it. She had reached a point where she felt she had to give in or face being completely broken by him. She opened her mouth to utter the necessary depressing, degrading promise, but the words wouldn’t come out. Tears dripped with each blink onto the concrete floor beneath her, and she could barely catch her breath for sobbing—as he’d predicted—but they still wouldn’t come out.

Enzo did his best to provide some encouragement, applying hard, stinging swats very slowly over areas that had already been thoroughly covered.

After about ten more swats, it rushed out of her on a sobbing cry at what passed for full volume at that point, “I promise! I promise!”

He again stopped immediately. “You promise what, Ally?”

She was Ally, now that she’d acquiesced to him, she noticed, anger trying to seep back in, although it was quickly overwhelmed and squelched by the pain. “No one will set foot on your territory again. No one. I promise. Zero tolerance policy.” She slumped over him as if every bit of her strength had deserted her and breathed, in barely a sigh, “Zero. Tolerance. Policy.”

He almost patted the small of her back. “Excellent.”