Megan is an unexpected mail-order bride with a secret. Mike has a ranch to run, rustlers to capture, and a fondness for the truth.

“Never fish in troubled water,” the old proverb cautions. But if Megan and Michael hope to untangle the strings of the past from the promise of the future, they will need to dive right in.
Was his bride a mistake or a surprise?
 Can an Irish rose bloom in the wicked Texas heat?
 Will they sink, or will they swim?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange.


Character Interview


Well, Victoria asked me to say few things about myself. My name is Megan O’Shanahan Manning. I was born in Galway, Ireland and lived there until I was fifteen. Between the Hunger and the English, we had to leave. Uncle sent us some money, we boarded a boat, and watched our beloved green island disappear.


Mam died on the journey, and da followed not long after leaving my brother, Brian, and me in the not so gentle care of my uncle. When uncle tried to marry me off to a mean old man, I ran away to Texas. Became a mail-order bride, I did.


I married Mike Manning.  I love that man something fierce even though he has a spanking hand and a hair brush he applies to my bottom when I need it.


If you want to know the rest of my story, you should read Troubled Water. Victoria tells the whole story, the good and the bad, in that book.



About the Author

Victoria Phelps lives in Northern California with her two best friends: her handsome husband and her Goldendoodle, Max. She has two daughters, two sons-in-law, four grand-dogs and one grand- cat. That’s a lot of fur.

Victoria, who has always loved the written word, taught literature and writing. Now that she has the opportunity to write full time, she is in wordsmith heaven. She enjoys playing tennis, quilting, and reading, reading, reading.


Victoria’s trilogy, Texas Time Travel, is composed of the titles Home on the Range, Meeting John Wayne, and Wyld Woman.  The romance, Troubled Water, is the first in her new series, Lonestar Love.


The conclusion of this new novel embodies the determination to navigate troubled water. “In sickness and in health. For richer or poorer. Till death do us part.” Mike murmured into the tornado of her hair. “Anything less is for quitters.”