When he finds out her secret, will he walk away? Or do what’s necessary to protect her – even from herself?

Ty is the brains of the Keller clan and the third son of the complicated family. After graduating from Harvard as a doctor, he wants to do something meaningful with his life. That’s when he makes the decision to join Doctors Without Borders and travels halfway around the world to Nepal. The best part of the trip, aside from helping those less fortunate, is meeting the sexy, spitfire Dr. Brynn Edwards, a woman who is in need of a firm hand. Luckily, he’s up to the challenge.

Brynn was in Nepal when a devastating earthquake hit, and her life hasn’t slowed down since. She’s been working twenty-hour days with little to no sleep, so when Ty arrives, she makes sure he knows who’s in charge. Brynn is feisty and full of sass, but soon discovers Ty is not a man who will accept her behavior without consequences. Strangely enough, she can’t help but fall for the Keller charm. There’s a big secret she’s keeping from him but telling him is not an option. The hectic schedule and the amount of injured people is more than she can handle as it is.

This is book three in The Kellers of Beaumont Falls but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of action, adventure, and power exchange.

 Note from the Author

The Beaumont Falls series started a few years ago, so the completion of this series is bitter sweet. The entire clan is very alive in my mind, but it is purposely less detailed about many of the other siblings’ lives. I really only wanted to focus on Jordan, Jake, and Ty. I think it really shows how diverse and complicated a family can be. Each of the three brothers are very different and special in their own ways. Each is good at what they do, and find partners who suit their own lifestyle.  

Having four children myself, I’m interested in seeing who they become and what they achieve. All are very different and it excites me to see them explore parts of their individuality. After all, we are all an original and I really stress for them to not become a copy. Jordan, Jake, and Ty Keller are definitely their own individuals, despite sharing their last name and upbringing. It shows how similar and different family members can be.  

What inspired me to write Ty was that we have seen the other two brothers live lives, unlike many others. Jordan is the bad boy leading a gang-style life, he is used to people following him. However, Tegan doesn’t follow mindlessly. She leaves him and he has no control on if or when she will realize their destiny.  

Jake is a superstar. He’s used the attention and getting what he wants, but when the stalker comes into his life, his perspective changes. You can have it all, but when the people you love are in jeopardy you will risk it all to save them.  

Then Ty is more like a real everyday man wanting to have a job that counts and makes a difference in a cruel world. When he meets Brynn who is just as optimistic about her purpose, he falls for her big time. However, addiction can sneak up on anyone. Even if they have the biggest heart in the world, sometimes the one we hurt most is ourselves. We just need the right person, the right motivation and the ‘want to’ move forward. 

I had a lot of fun writing this series and I hope you all enjoyed the characters as well.  

Onto a new chapter…  

Xo, Mira 


Ty kissed her back, still sporting the erection he had entered the pool with. “Perfect,” he replied trailing kisses down the side of her throat to her collarbone. Pushing her up on the side of the pool, with her legs dangling over the edge so her calves were the only thing in the water, Ty spread her legs and moved between them. Brynn laid back as she felt the warm wetness of his tongue part her cool lips.

Staring up into the beautiful tree draped heavens she focused on clearing her mind of everything, but the sensations Ty was stirring. God, it felt good as his tongue slipped over her fluttering bud. She draped her legs across his shoulders and tried to get lost in the moment even as the annoying pulsing in her temples continued. Arching her mound into his face, she moaned with pleasure as he devoted his time to her clit. Her hand slipped down to hold his head as he lavished her with attention. His thick wet fingers slipped easily into her body as he manipulated her to the peak of arousal. The slow and steady climb to the summit of ecstasy was approaching quicker than she wanted as Ty’s determination to hear her blissful cries seemed to escalate with every passing minute.

 “Oh God, Daddy,” she squealed finally as he sucked her clit firmly between his lips and swirled it fervently with the tip of his tongue. Her back bowed, her legs tightened around his shoulder blades as she splintered into delicious spasms of glorious orgasms. Ty didn’t stop feasting on her until he felt her third one roll literally off the end of his tongue. Brynn felt weak from the intensity as Ty climbed out of the pool and scooped her into his arms. He was dripping. She was nearly dry, as the sun baked most of her body while he pleasured her. Advancing on a circular cabana sofa bed meant to withstand the harshest of weather, Ty deposited Brynn in the middle starting to kiss his way up her leg to her inner thigh from her foot, until he was between her legs.

Brynn looked down to his fully engorged cock and her nipples began to ache. Ty gazed into her eyes as one of his hands lowered to lift a breast to his lips. Brynn let her legs open submissively, hungry to feel his fullness stretch her as the creamy liquid of her body trickled out to welcome him. Maintaining eye contact, Ty guided his fully erect manhood to her opening. He bathed the head of it in her juices as a wave of her scent floated up to him. Brynn was breathing hard. Her body ached in anticipation. Slipping into her deliberately slow, Ty reached back and lifted one of her legs to make sure that when he did thrust to firmly impale her, it would be to the deepest part of her core he could touch. Watching her face as it happened aroused him more, as he finally lowered his lips and fucked her mouth and her cunt with deliberate ownership.

Brynn let him be in complete control. “I want to lick every inch of you,” he breathed huskily into her neck as their lips parted. “I want to fuck you every day until you can’t walk without feeling me.” “Fuck me, Daddy. Oh God, you feel so good,” she whispered. Ty pushed himself up. “Spread yourself as wide as you can, baby. I want to see my cock fucking your pussy,” he ordered, as he dropped his eyes to where her lips were suctioning his engorged member. Her shaved pink lips were swollen from all the attention, and he reached down to thumb her glistening button.

“You know you’re in a lot of trouble, right, babygirl?” he asked. “I know, Daddy,” she replied, almost shyly. Even as she said the words out loud her nipples hardened more, and her arousal sored. “A fucking lot of trouble,” he continued, thrusting to enunciate the words. A shot of wetness pooled down from inside of her as he spoke. This was what she wanted. This was what she needed. This was her goddamn drug of choice. A man who could fuck, talk dirty and make her obey him. A man who wouldn’t allow her to run herself to the point of sheer exhaustion, so she needed to self-harm. A man who would grab her adult ass and call her on the bullshit she told herself to justify dangerous behavior.

Her age on a piece of paper meant nothing. She wasn’t in her late twenties and ready to adult all-day every day. She was the child being raised by nannies because her parents had no time for her. She was the little girl wanting to make others stop crying because she knew what it was like to be all alone. She was Ty’s babygirl who had fucked up royally and needed his attention too, the good and the bad. She needed him to fuck her senseless and punish her for what she had willingly done.

Plummeting over the edge as she finally admitted it to herself, Brynn rode the wave of pleasure, knowing full well that soon the hands of velvet caressing her body would turn to leather. As he emptied himself inside her and squeezed a cheek of her ass, she leaned in and hungrily kissed him.

“Daddy?” she whispered quietly, when he had finally rolled off her to carry her to the bed. “Uh uh, what is it, babygirl?” he yawned sleepily. “I need you. I need you to help me get rid of this guilt in the pit of my stomach. I think I need you to punish me,” she said on a rushed but quiet sniff. Ty lowered her to the mattress and spooned in behind her. For a moment, he was taken off guard. He had never anticipated her admission to needing discipline, but he recognized it for the gift it was. Pulling her tighter to him to give her strength and comfort he said, “I know, baby. Soon as that poison is out of your system, Daddy is going to make sure you never get to this place again.”